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DC Noise Episode 80 – Green Arrow In Your Face!

Mark, Mike and Keith discuss:

Flash Rebirth #6
Justice Society of America #36
JSA All Stars #4
Justice League of America #42
Justice League Cry for Justice #7
Justice League Rise and Fall Special #1
Green Arrow #31

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DC Noise 76 – J is for Justice Baby with a Splash of Crazy Jane

Keith and Mike go over

Doom Patrol #7
R.E.B.E.L.S #12
R.E.B.E.L.S #13
Booster Gold #28
Booster Gold #29
JSA All-Stars #2
JSA All-Stars #3
Justice Society of America Annual #2
Justice Society of America #35
Justice League Cry for Justice #6
Justice League of America #41

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DC Noise Episode 67 – Justice and Superman

Join Mike and Keith as they discuss

Flash Rebirth #5
JSA Vs. Kobra #6
Justice Society of America #33
Justice League Cry for Justice #5
Red Tornado #3
Superman World of New Krypton #9
Supergirl #47
Superman #694
Superman Secret Origin #3

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DC Noise Episode 62: Blackest Night #4

This week, Mike and Eric discuss the lists of top 5 gadgets and vehicles in the DCU as submitted by listeners. Then it’s directly into our usual spoiler filled comics discussion with: Justice League: Cry for Justice #4, Blackest Night Superman #3, Blackest Night Titans #3, Green Lantern #47 and Blackest Night #4.

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DC Noise Episode 60: Halloween Episode (But Not Really)

It’s the Halloween episode of DC noise. Although not really because Eric and Mike did not plan ahead and so we don’t have a Halloween themed episode at all. But that’s a nice change of pace after all those other podcasts had Halloween episodes, right? Anyway, before we get into the show we have a voice message from our friend Chuck Loridans. He gives us some very compelling reasons why we should all love Elastigirl of the Doom Patrol. Giant, hot girl in a miniskirt? What’s not to love?

Our regular discussion of comics this week includes Gotham City Sirens #4, Batman #691, Superman Secret Origins #1, Action Comics #882, Last Days of Animal Man #5, Justice Society of America #31 and Power Girl #5.

We also go on an off topic tangent about horror movies there toward the end. It is Halloween after all. But our friend Micah saved you all with a couple of on topic voicemails about the Blackest Night tie-ins and Justice League: Cry for Justice, which seems to have gotten us back on track. So we wrap things up with a little discussion of North 40.


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DC Noise Episode 58

This week, Mike and Eric jump straight into the comics discussion with…

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #5
Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #5
Doom Patrol #2
JSA vs Kobra #4
Justice League: Cry For Justice #3
Booster Gold #24
Batgirl #2
Detective Comics #857
Batman and Robin #4

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DC Noise Episode 49: Blackest Night #1

This week Mike and Eric start the show with a quick round up of several recent comics we read which includes Wednesday Comics, Green Arrow/Black Canary 22, Solomon Grundy 5, Wonder Woman 34, JSA vs Kobra 1 and 2, Strange Adventures 5, Justice League of America 35, Justice Society of America 29, Teen Titans 71, Secret Six 11, North 40 1, Final Crisis Aftermath: Run 3, Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape 3 and The Nobody OGN. Then we move into a huge Blackest Night spoiler discussion with –

Blackest Night #1 (00:21:00 to 00:53:25)
Green Lantern #44 (00:53:25 to 01:04:23)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps 1 – 3 (01:05:27 to 01:12:47)

And finally we throw in some discussion of JLA: Cry for Justice #1 (01:12:47 to 01:21:12).

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DC Noise Episode 48: Top Five Titles We Wish More People Would Buy

Mike and Eric top the show with the Top 5 lists of DC Comics we wish more people would buy, along with some listener contributions. Our reviews and annotations this episode are for the following:

Batman 688 (00:18:25 to 00:24:46)
Secret Six 10 (00:24:46 to 00:31:31)
Green Lantern Corps 38 (00:31:31 to 00:39:30)
Green Lantern 43 (00:39:30 to 00:49:46)
Superman 689 (00:49:46 to 00:59:24)

We close the show with some quick non-spoiler discussion of Dead Romeo, Wonder Woman and Justice League: Cry For Justice.
Batman 688

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2 People Talking 16: Angie Loves Public Enemies

Hosts Angie Paman and Derek Coward talk about a lot of things including what Angie read (several times), dogs, kids, Justice League: Cry For Justice, Public Enemies and attending comic book conventions.

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