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Teenage Wasteland Episode 72 – Criminal: The Sinners #5 and More!

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

I deliver two announcements (the show is a changin’ in a teeny, tiny aspect). Also, a nice talk and review of two DC Animated features, and a wrap up on Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Val Staples’ Criminal: The Sinners.

Items Discussed
Green Lantern: First Flight
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Potter’s Field
Criminal: The Sinners #5

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Geek Brunch 106 – The Mic that went Limp

Mike, Micah and Bill discuss Spartacus and the biggest bitch on the show, Modern Family, Parent Hood and Human Target.  We then talk briefly about some movies like Moon, Hot Tub Time Machine, and How to Train your Dragon.  Then a marathon of comic book talk to discuss Ultimate X, Pluto, Blackjack, Tiny Titans, Justice League books and the state of Green Arrow, The Shield, First Wave, The Unwritten, Robin 3000, Bayou, and Kick Ass.  Plus much much more.  We top it off with Sardines.

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The ReaderFeed Episode 39: The Shade’s Journal 25

In the milestone 25th episode of The Shade’s Journal, join host Matt Kramer for a special Knights Past segment celebrating the life of Ted Knight and as we mourn the passing of Archie Goodwin. Also, several news topics are discussed including the status of James Robinson’s Justice League title, Sandman Mystery Theater vol. 7 “The Mist and the Phantom of the Fair”, and the Starman Omnibus vol. 2 topping the New York Times’ first ever graphic fiction bestseller list. This episode features discussion of Starman #44, Adventure Comics #61, and The Brave and the Bold #61.

Image originally found on Comic Book DB (comicbookdb.com)
Image originally found on Comic Book DB (comicbookdb.com)

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