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Comic Book Noise 630: Supergirl, Where Monsters Dwell, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward talks about Supergirl in a non spoiler way, the conclusion of Where Monsters Dwell (which he called something completely different), and mentions the new Karnak series.
Where Monsters Dwell 5

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Comic Book Noise 426: Karnak, Marvel’s Agent Carter, and Ms. Marvel

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and how he finally got Karnak, the latest episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter, and the first storyline of the latest Ms. Marvel series.

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Comic Book Noise 412: Project Black Sky, Inhuman, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward corrects a mistake from the last episode about Project Black Sky, remembers the issue of Inhuman he wanted to talk about, and brings people up to speed on his Facebook game.

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