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What I Got – 3/10/2010

This was a sort of light week for me. I only had four things in my pull list. However, one of them was the newest ‘The Boys’ trade, which I had to leave until next week because I am currently low on funds.

So here is what I left the shop with:
Magog 7 (DC Comics) – I was talking with my comic book dealer and we are both surprised this book hasn’t been cancelled yet. I am pretty sure I am the only one in the shop who gets it, or if I’m not, then the number is definitely in the single digits. Plus, everything I like seems to get cancelled for no good reason.

Pilot Season: Velocity (Image Comics/Top Cow Comics) – I have dug all of the Pilot Season books this year and I’m not sure this will be different. Plus, it’s Kevin Maguire, who I believe doesn’t do nearly enough work nowadays.

Daytripper 4 (Vertigo) – This is one of the most touching poignant books on the shelves right now.

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Comic Book Noise 144: Number One Comic Book Show: Justice League Europe 1 (1989)

Host Derek Coward dusts off the Number One Comic Book Show with a look at DC Comics’ Justice League Europe 1 from 1989.

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