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Comic Book Noise 784: Justice #1, Phaze #1, and Green Hornet #29

Host Derek Coward talks about Justice #1 (the New Universe one), Phaze #1, and Green Hornet #29. If you think he stays completely on topic, Welcome, this must be your first episode.
Phaze #1

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Indie Comic Book Noise 319: Atomic Robo and The Bionic Man

Host Derek Coward takes a look at the latest Atomic Robo volume (The Ghost of Station X) from Red 5 Comics and The Bionic Man from Dynamite Entertainment.

Bionic Man 01

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Comic Book Noise 253: Daredevil 1, Flashpoint Legion of Doom 2 and Supergod 5

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil 1, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom, Supergod 5, unnecessary ultraviolence and hypersexuality in comic books.

daredevil_1_2011_coverFlashpoint_Legion_of_Doom_Vol_1_2supergod 5

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Quick Review of Green Hornet 1

This is apparently based on Kevin Smith’s unused movie script. This means that most of the heavy lifting is done and he just has to polish it for comic book use. This should also mean that it won’t be plagued with scheduling gaps. That’s good because this is the starting point for a whole universe of Green Hornet related comic books from Dynamite Entertainment. And this was a pretty good story and like all good #1s, it makes me want to come back for at least the second issue.

I talk about it a lot more in the next episode of Indie Comic Book Noise.

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What I Got 3/3/2010

This was HUGE week for me. Not only did a bunch of books that I was looking for finally come in, but I also went to TWO shops this week and went a little crazy in the dollar bin of one of them.

New This Week:
True Story Swear To God 12 (Image Comics) – I already read and reviewed this issue. Short answer: get it now (unless you have no love in your heart, then just stick with Blackest Night/Siege).
Girl Comics 1 of 3(Marvel Comics) – Again read and reviewed. Again I recommend you pick it up.
The Great Ten 5 of 10 (DC Comics) – I still think this is the best book coming out from DC and I can’t wait to get the time to read it.
The Sword 22 (Image Comics) – This title is coming to an end soon and I will miss it.
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet 1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I’m looking forward to the entire sub-line of Green Hornet books.
First Wave 1 of 6 (DC Comics) – This is the only book I am not completely sold on, but I think this might surprise me.
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep 9 (BOOM! Studios) – Still a good title and I look forward to it every month.
Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part One TPB (Image Comics) – I decided last week to switch from single issues to trades for this title.
Siege 2 of 4 (Marvel Comics) – I finally found a copy and I’m looking forward to The Sentry vs Ares.
Starman 81 (DC Comics) – Why not, I have a vast majority of the rest of the issues. I might be missing two or three. Maybe as many as six.
Nexus: Space Opera 101/102 (Rude Dude Productions) – I had not idea this even came out, which sucks because I have looking forward to each issue and I doubt there will be any others.
Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys (Viz Media) – I wanted to get Pluto Vol 1, but since they didn’t have it, I picked this up and special ordered Pluto. I want to go on record as saying that I am picking Pluto up on the recommendation of Ryan King, so if I don’t like it, I will blame him. Just kidding, I will blame Vince B.

From The Dollar Bin:
Prophet 5 and 6 (Image Comics) – The only issue of Prophet I have is 7, so it will be nice to see how we got to that point.
Incredible Herc 116/119/120/121 (Marvel Comics) – I have never read a single issue of Incredible Herc, but I heard a lot of good things about it.
War of Kings 2 of 6 (Marvel Comics) – I read the first issue and nothing after that, but I liked it and I want to check it out for a dollar.
Dazzler 26 (Marvel Comics) – I have never read an issue of Dazzler, but this one is the beginning of “The Startling Secret of Dazzler’s Sister.” Plus, there were a LOT of issues of Dazzler in the dollar bin.
Final Crisis 4 of 7 (DC Comics) – I stopped buying after issue 3, but a dollar, why not?
Justice League of America Vol 1 37 (DC Comics) – The cover is torn, but for some reason, I don’t think I have ever read this issue.
Tales of The Teen Titans 81 (DC Comics) – I got this because the creative team is Marv Wolfman, John Byrne and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. Hall of Famer Creators FTW!!!
Imperial Guard 2 (Marvel Comics) – This has a cover date of Feb 97, but I had no idea this title even existed until I saw it for a dollar.
Fantastic Four 557 (Marvel Comics) – I missed the entire Millar/Hitch/Currie run, so when I saw it so cheaply, I thought I would check it out.
Bullet Points 1 or 5 (Marvel Comics) – I have no idea what this is about, but Tommie Lee Edwards drawing the original gray Iron Man. C’mon.
Give Me Liberty 3 (Dark Horse Comics) – Once again, never read any of the Martha Washington stuff, so why not for a dollar (notice a trend?)

Plus, even though I need about three or four long boxes, I picked up one.

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 55 – Movie Talk

This week I sit down, go over some e-mail, and review (what I consider) a lot of movies. Enjoy, people.

Movies Discussed
Bad Lieutenant
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Pulp Fiction

Music Featured is by Lady Gaga.

DownloadiTunes Forum

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Tough Time Getting A Comic Book

After taking a look at treasurycomics.com, I discovered that I was missing one of the Dini/Ross oversized books. I’m not a completist the way a lot of other comic book fans are, but there was something deep inside my soul that said “You MUST get this book.”

I went to eBay first because, despite all of the flaws of that site, they usually have everything worth getting that is available. Usually. In this case, they didn’t. They had all of the other Dini/Ross books, but not this one. I immediately thought “Oh no, this is going to be one of those Avengers Annual #11 or Kevin Smith Green Arrow #1 deals.”  In other words, I was probably going to have to pay a lot more than I wanted to pay or I was going to have to walk away for a few months in order to get it at a decent price.

However, I didn’t give up. I decided to check out Atomic Avenue, also known “as eBay without all of the hassle.” I did a quick search and lo and behold, there it was. And to top it off, the book was only between $5.25 and $7.55 (before shipping), great pricing. I added it to my shopping cart and got a 500 Program error.  Of course, it came complete with a picture of a rampaging robot and the caption “Just a little glitch in the system.” Not a very comforting thought when I want to buy a comic. I noticed that I forgot to login, so I decided to login and see what would happen. Same thing.

OK, I went to my last resort. The dreaded and evil Amazon.com. Not that I have anything against Amazon, but more often than not a lot of people shy away from using Amazon (although a lot of Amazon bashers that I correspond with seem to have Amazon ads on their sites.) Amazon itself wasn’t selling the book, but a bunch of stores in the Amazon Marketplace (third party stores doing business through Amazon) had the book I was looking for. I was able to pick it up for $7.30 including shipping, which seems to be less than I would have paid through Atomic Avenue (if it had worked) and I’m almost positive that it is less than I would have paid on eBay.

Now I just have to wait for the book to arrive. Once I get it in my hands, I will tell you what the name of the book is. Until then, I don’t want to jinx it.

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