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Comic Book Noise Presents… Driving With The Prices 1

Intro episode already in progress.

City of Crime is the book we’re referencing.
Touch on Batman: Gotham Knight.
List of Killing Joke recolored sites:
Bolland hasn’t drawn a sequential story WRITTEN by anyone else since this.

Spider-Man segment is a little more animated.  I suppose the heat was getting to us.
Talked about Gwen, how corny and weak Spider-Man is (in his pajamas), how much cooler Batman is, and Renee’s dislike of One More Day.
Other topics touched on are my perception of myself and how others see me and the type of guy Renee is attracted to.

This was recorded while driving north on Route 9 and 9D through Putnam County and into Dutchess County.  The Spider-Man segment was recorded driving south on Route 9, east on 301, south on Dennytown Road, and in our driveway.  Naturally, attention was directed toward the road, so pauses or errant thoughts are due to my driving.  All on Friday, July 4th, 2008.

Music by Darrius Willrich (The Waiting Is Over), Andreas Weise (Now She’s Gone), and Yamasaki (A New Day)

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