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Comic Book Noise 131: Manifestos, Debates and Admissions of Error

I talk about some recent controversies surrounding opposing manifestos, debates about creators and critics and I admit that I was wrong about something pretty big.

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Before Kirkman, there was Bakshi

With all of the hubbub that the so-called Kirkman Manifesto has started in the comic blogopodoforumso-sphere, I found this YouTube clip of Ralph Bakshi (originally found on Kyle Baker’s blog) to be even funnier than I otherwise would have thought:

Now he is talking about animation, but he might as well have been talking about creating comic books or almost any other modern creative endeavor.

Now I haven’t watched all of the original Kirkman video, but I have read the accompanying text piece. I have heard that Kirkman has backpedaled a little in some subsequent interviews, but I also haven’t heard or read them. I hope not because there was a lot of good stuff in what he said (or I should say, from what I read of what he said.)

One last thing, Bakshi rules.

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