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Comic Book Noise 774: The Failure of Diversity

Host Derek Coward talks about Mass Effect Andromeda, Rick and Morty, Legion, Dark Matter, and why Marvel’s push for diversity has failed.

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Comic Book Noise 301: Pull List vs Pulled From Shelves

Host Derek Coward talks about the excitement he gets from books from his pull list as opposed to the excitement he gets from the books he pulls off the shelves. He also talks about Richie Rich, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, Archie The Married Life, Lazarus, Jupiter’s Legacy, Grendel, Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Doctor Who, Nexus, Miracleman, Love And Rockets, All New X-Men, Vibe, Justice League, Justice League Of America, World’s Finest, Daredevil, Chris Samnee, Dark Horse Presents, Trekker, Aquaman, Arrow, And Wonder Woman.

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13 Quick Reviews – 12/19/2007

Ultimates 3 #1 (of 6) – I really really liked The Ultimates. I really liked The Ultimates 2. I don’t like The Ultimates 3. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like this issue. Recommendation: Avoid this thing.

The Twelve #0 – This is a reprint of some Golden Age stuff. I found the artist’s notes to be the most interesting part of the whole book, even more than the preview of issue 1. Recommendation: Wait until it is part of a trade to get.

Northlanders #1 – The first issue was pretty good, but the story lost me at the last few pages. Lost me, as in ‘I have no idea what’s going on’. I’ll at least pick up the next issue. Recommendation: Worth getting if only to satisfy your curiosity.

Dynamo 5 #9 – Very good. I like the way they mix an ongoing story with what could easily be a one and done. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Tales of The Sinestro Green Lantern Corps: Ion #1 – I’m a little confused about the exact name of the book. The cover has the words Green Lantern covering Sinestro, but the indicia on the inside of the book says Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Ion. Weird. Anyway, the writing is typical Ron Marz with a look into the mind of Kyle Rayner. I really liked the artwork and I had never heard of Michel Lacombe before. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Green Lantern Corps #19 – This is the epilogue of the excellent Sinestro Corps War. It was a cool down issue, with the characters and the reader being able to catch their breath before setting up the next big threat. Recommendation: Pick it up

Green Lantern Corps #18 – This is the penultimate chapter to the entire Sinestro Corps War and features a fight to the finish between Ion and Superman-Prime. Recommendation: Get it now.

The Sword #3 – Excellent issue that deepens the mystery. I really dig the story and where it is going. Once again the artwork is perfect. Recommendation: Pick it up.

The Vinyl Underground #3 – I’m not sure why I like this book so much, but I do. I just hope that I still like it after the first storyarc is done. I can see the ‘will they won’t they’ aspect of the Abi-Mozza relationship getting really old really quick. Recommendation: Get it if you come across it.

Atomic Robo #3 (of 6) – I’m not sure if I like the ending to the main story, but I really like this title. I really wish that it wasn’t ending at six issues. Here’s hoping that it is successful enough to warrant an Atomic Robo 2 miniseries or ongoing. Recommendation: Get it now.

Lazarus #2 (of 3) – Odd title. Worth picking up, but very odd. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Suburban Glamour #2 (of 4) – Excellent. I love this book. I love the writing and the artwork and I cannot wait to get the rest of the story. Recommendation: Get it now.


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Comic Book Noise Bytes – October 17, 2007

TOP – Green Lantern 24
BOP –The Sword 1
ROW – Abyss 1 of 4

Also worth mentioning are Suburban Glamour and Lazarus.

Oh ans even though I have resisting the urge, I have started adding these to the regular show feed.

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