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Manga Recommendation Needed

Unlike a lot of my comic book podcaster friends, I don’t have a problem with reading manga. I don’t think that it is somehow hurting the sales of the Big Comic Book Publishers (I think they do a good enough job of that on their own) and I wouldn’t mind reading more of it.

However, I’m not a big fan of fairy princesses with talking cat sidekicks on a quest to find who stole the magic jar of jellypaste and find themselves disguised in an all boys school being run by a minotaur in a three piece suit. I also don’t like the many Robotech ripoffs out there. Or the Pokemon-Z type level up stories.

I like a certain type of  “realistic” manga. As realistic as stories like Lone Wolf and Cub (a single samurai who kills waves of armed men while pushing a baby cart), The Legend of Kamui (a ninja without the cool looking ninja mask), Battle Royale (armed teenagers on an island killing each other) or Shamo (a teenaged killer turned into an unbeatable martial arts champion) can be.

If you know of any manga that won’t piss me off, please send the name to me at derek@comicbooknoise.com.


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