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Comic Book Noise 366: What I Have Read In The Last Month

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about what he had been reading for the past month.

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Comic Book Noise 322: Captain Britain and MI-13

Host Derek Coward talks about Captain Britain and MI-13. He gets a little slap happy from hunger and lack of sleep. Just roll with it.

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Marvel Noise Episode 71

youngxmen12Another week, another chance to talk Marvel comic books!  Tom runs down mutants, Steve returns with another DeFalco/Ryan Fantastic Four installment, the Besenyodis team up, and Carlos calls!  All this and some ramblin’ from our host.

Titles mentioned include Ghost Rider, X-Men: First Class Finals, Black Panther, Captain Britain and MI13, and Secret Warriors.

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Christy McLaren, Five O’Clock Friday (http://www.clubshedlive.com/)

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Items shipping March 18, 2009:

Amazing Spider-Girl #30 $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man Extra #3 $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #588 $3.99
Avengers Disassembled Iron Man Thor And Captain America HC $49.99
Dark Avengers #3 Incentive Daniel Acuna Variant Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In) – [PI]
Dark Avengers #3 Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In) $3.99
Deadpool Games Of Death $3.99
Deadpool Vol 1 Secret Invasion HC $19.99
Enders Game Battle School #4 $3.99
Eternals Vol 4 #9 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #34 $2.99
Marvel Illustrated Picture Of Dorian Gray TP $14.99
Mighty Avengers Vol 3 Secret Invasion Book 1 TP Book Market Mighty Avengers Vol 3 Spine $14.99
Mighty Avengers Vol 3 Secret Invasion Book 1 TP Direct Market Secret Invasion Mighty Avengers Spine $14.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 #28 $2.99
Ms Marvel Vol 6 Ascension HC $19.99
New Mutants Classic Vol 4 TP $24.99
Powers Vol 12 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes Of All Time TP $24.99
Punisher Vol 7 #3 Target Green Goblin Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In) $2.99
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Punisher War Journal Vol 4 Jigsaw TP $16.99
Runaways Dead Wrong HC Book Market Edition $19.99
Runaways Dead Wrong HC Direct Edition $19.99
Samurai Legend Vol 1 HC $24.99
Scourge Of The Gods #3 $5.99
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Sophomore Jinx HC Book Market Edition $19.99
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Sophomore Jinx HC Direct Market Edition $19.99
Spider-Man Noir #4 Regular Patrick Zircher Cover $3.99
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Squadron Supreme Power To The People TP $16.99
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X-Force Vol 3 #13 (Messiah War Tie-In) $2.99
X-Men First Class Wonder Years TP $19.99
X-Men Legacy #222 $2.99
Young X-Men #12 $2.99

Product Updates:

  • Amazing Spider-Man Extra #3 (JAN092463D, $3.99; FOC 02/19/09) will have art by Yanick Paquette and Fabrizio Fiorentino in addition to Phil Jimenez.
  • Avengers Disassembled HC: Iron Man/Thor/Captain America (JAN092570D, $49.99; FOC 02/05/09) will be 456 pages, not 448 pages.
  • Deadpool: Games of Death (JAN092543D, $3.99; FOC 02/26/09) will carry a Parental Advisory, not a T+ rating.
  • Deadpool: Game$ of Death (JAN092543D, $3.99; FOC 02/26/09) will be 40 pages, not 48 pages. No content has been changed.
  • Deadpool Premiere HC Vol. 01: Secret Invasion (JAN092586D, $19.99; FOC 02/05/09) will be 136 pages, not 120 pages.
  • New Mutants Classic TP: Vol. 04 (JAN092610D, $24.99) will have 232 pages, not 224 pages.
  • The Powers TP Vol. 12: Coolest Dead Superheroes (OCT082490D, $19.95; FOC 12/18/08) will have 240 pages, not 200 pages.
  • The Powers TP Vol. 12: Coolest Dead Superheroes (OCT082490D, FOC 01/08/09) will be $24.99, not $19.95.
  • Punisher War Journal TP Vol. 04: Jigsaw (JAN092606D; FOC 02/05/09) will be $16.99, not $15.99.
  • Runaways Premiere HC: Dead Wrong (JAN092575D, $19.99) will have 136 pages, not 144 pages.
  • Soleil Samurai HC Vol. 01: Legend (JAN092585D, $24.99; FOC 02/05/09) will be 192 pages, not 200 pages.
  • Ultimate X-Men #100 White Brooks Variant (DEC082347D, $3.99; FOC 02/05/09) will have cover art by Ed McGuinness, not Mark Brooks.

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Comic Book Noise 155: The Best of 2008, Part Two

Host Derek Coward finishes his look at the best of 2008 by talking about the titles that he has heard good things about but has never checked out yet, best miniseries that didn’t finish in 2008, best #1 comics of 2008 and the best graphic novels.

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* Tangent: Superman’s Reign
The Infinite Horizon
Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips
* The Twelve
* Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
* Madame Xanadu #1
Comic Book Comics
* Locke & Key
* Man With No Name
* Queen and Country Definitive Edition
* Noble Causes Archives
* The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer
* Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician

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