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Comic Book Noise 521: Manga and Anime and Live Action Movies

Host Derek Coward talks about Lone Wolf and Cub, then goes on to Robotech, Kimba the White Lion, Battle of the Planets, Kamui, Shamo, and even The Incredible Hulk, Goku, and Pre-Crisis Earth 1 Superman.

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Comic Book Noise 469: Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, Runaways, Largo Winch, and More

Host Derek Coward talks about Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and the new Spec Ops featuring The Runaways, his reading history of the group, his favorite character from The Runaways (and why), then talks about a bunch of movie adaptations of non-US comic books, including The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch

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Additions to the To Read pile


Here are a couple of recent additions to the To Read pile. I remember buying the first ten or so issues of the First Comics reprints, but stopped getting them after a while. I liked the series back then so I’m not sure why I stopped getting it, but it was probably cost.

I recently picked up Lone Wolf and Cub Volume One from Dark Horse Comics and thought these were the same things. Not even close because that was just the first First Comics issue in a smaller package. These Omnibus volumes are five issues in one. I will eventually have to get the first one, but there’s no hurry because I already have the stories.

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