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Marvel Noise 156

While your host is recovering from a battle against the Dreaded Deadline Doom, he tags in Comic Book Noise host Derek Coward to make sure that DDD doesn’t win this round, Bob Layton’s Hercules is the subject of From The Comics Bunker, and Derek ends the show with a freeform verbal meander about reboots, resets and getting movie franchises done right.

The music to close the show is “Break Loose” by Vla Hemia.

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The Comic Book Podcast Show – 4/12/2009 to 4/18/2009

Your host Derek Coward features clips from the following comic book

Marvel Noise
The Comic Shoppe
15 Minutes With Waid
The Fanbase
Collected Comics Library

The theme song is Baby You Have No Eyes by Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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Comic Book Noise 154: The Bizarro Marvel Noise Episode

Your host Derek Coward pays a Bizarro tribute to the Marvel Noise podcast in this episode. Pat Loika has your new releases, Carlos Cordova talks a bit about DC Comics and Peter Rios leaves a bit of feedback about a Marvel’s solicitations and exclusive previews policy.

Titles mentioned Marvel Super-Heroes, Astonishing Tales, Blood: A Tale, Fantastic Four and Secret Invasion.

The song of the show: Lingala – Heat (Buy It Here)

bloodatale1Image courtesy of ComicBookDB.com

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This week’s schedule will be filled with holes

There might be shows this week, but I’m not sure what they will be. I am positive that there will not be a new Indie Comic Book Noise, Marvel Noise, Geek Brunch, DC Noise, Comics Playground, Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise, Welcome to Heavenside, Mage: The Hero Discussed, PPRD or The Fury of Iron Fist.

I’m not sure about Comic Book Noise, Burning Trash, The Shade’s Journal, The Number One Comic Book Show or Comic Book Noise Talks, but I am leaning towards probably not.

I was going to do a mad rush of podcasts like I seem to do every end of the year, but since I have already reached Episode 150, I have nothing to shoot for. I think it would be impossible for even me to do 48 episodes in three days.

So use this time to catch up on older shows, check out our cousins The Trip, Eye Of The Storm or Teenage Wasteland or check out Friends of the Family like Collected Comics Library, Komicskast, Comic Book Attic, Comic Book Savant, 11 O Clock Comics, Comic Geek Speak, Raging Bullets, Geek Syndicate, Comics Addiction, THOOM, Comic Book Road Show, DaFixer’s Hideout, Podcast X, Comic Timing or The Pop Cult Online. I’m pretty sure that they make podcasts that don’t deal with comic books but I’m not sure.

Most of all, sit back and relax. We’ll be back to a regular schedule pretty soon.

UPDATE: The Shade’s Journal will definitely be posted on Monday.

UPDATE 2: According to host Eric Martin, DC Noise will definitely be posted on Friday.

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Comic Book Noise 142: Forums and Feedback

I explain what happened with the Comic Book Noise forum, play a song that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, explain a comment I made on a previous episode and talk a little about Love and Rockets: The New Stories.

Download Here

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Comic Book Noise 137: State of The Podcast Address

I started out talking about why I had to quit buying comic books and I end up giving a State of The Podcast Address.

Download Here

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11 O’Clock Comics Episode 19 appearance

Chris Marshall (from the Collected Comics Library) and I appeared on the nineteenth episode of 11 O’Clock Comics with Vince B, Christopher Neseman (also from Around Comics), David A Price (also from Marvel Noise and Mage:The Hero Discussed). It was cool hanging out with the A List comic book podcasters, even though I probably came off as an asshole a couple of times.

Anyway, here are the shownotes and links:
Sitting in for a vacationing Jason Wood, Derek (Comic Book Noise) Coward and Chris (Collected Comics Library) Marshall help us talk about Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, Humberto Ramos, Lucha Libre, collecting Final Crisis, DC/Wildstorm: Dream War, Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider, Marvel’s X-books, Punisher Max, Library Binding, the Monster Times, First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, Chuck Austin’s War Machine, the Luna Brothers’ Sword and Girls, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Comic Book Comics from Evil Twin Comics, Glamourpuss, Give Me Liberty, more Final Crisis, Tim Sale, and a whole mess more. Plus! Listener email and a trio of calls to the 11 O’C Hotline!

Download Here

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