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Quick Review of Marvelman Classic Primer

I read the first article which was a brief history of Marvelman’s origins and sort of skimmed the rest of the articles and the interview with Mick Anglo. The selling point of this book for me was the artwork. I liked them all, the new and old stuff, but for me “Young Nastyman and Gargunza” by Mike Perkins & Laura Martin and “Young Nastyman” by Khoi Pham & Brian Reber are my favorites.

When Marvel gets around to making original Marvelman stories, I can only hope they don’t make Young Nastyman into their equivalent of Eclipse Comics’ Johnny Bates and he has an entirely different personality.

Recommendation: This has gotten me more psyched for Marvel’s version of Marvelman than anything else so far. Take that for what it is worth.

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The Return of Marvelman

With the impending return of Marvelman to comics, I think I should finally get off my ass and do the issue by issue breakdown of the Miracleman series from Eclipse. My only question is should I do it for The Readerfeed or Comic Book Noise. They would both be in the same feed, but The Readerfeed shows would have more of a standalone feel to it, while the Comic Book Noise shows might have other comic book related crap on them.

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Comic Book Noise 177: Marvel’s Marvelman

Host Derek Coward goes over a brief history of the Miracleman mess, discusses what he thinks Marvel should do with the character and tells Marvel in no uncertain terms what they can do to get his money.

Note: Despite what I said in the episode, it was Marv Wolfman who wrote Total Eclipse, not Chuck Dixon. And a bunch of people wrote Miracleman:Apocrypha including Kurt Busiek, Sarah E. Byam, Dick Foreman, Neil Gaiman, Steven Grant, Steve Moore, Stefan Petrucha, James Dale Robinson, Fred Schiller and the great Matt Wagner. Also the series went 24 issues, not 22, and the last issue came out in 1993.


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