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Comic Book Noise 447: Left For Dead: The Sacrifice, Miracleman Annual, and Chicacabra

Host Derek Coward talks about three new digital comics he read this weekend: Left For Dead: The Sacrifice, Miracleman Annual, and Chicacabra.

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Quick Review: iZombie 1

Part of me was hoping that I wouldn’t like it so I could blame Vince B for recommending it, but I liked it enough to add it to my pull list. The writing was really strong and the art was by Mike Allred (a future member of the Derek Coward Hall of Fame).

The only complaint I had about it was the $1 price tag. Cheap bastards are probably not going to pick up the second issue because it will be full price. This will cause a drop in sales and some will think the problem lies with the comic book and not the cheap bastards who picked it up but dropped it so they could continue to get the same warmed over stuff they get every month.

Strongly recommended

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Comic Book Noise 156: Odd Shaped Comic Books

Host Derek Coward receives a few minicomics in the mail and that leads to a talk about odd shaped comic books.

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