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Comic Book Noise 555: Dog Days of Podcasting, No Mercy #4 and Birthday Wishes To One of My Favorite People

Host Derek Coward talks about where to find the shows taking part in the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, No Mercy #4, and wishes a very Happy Birthday to one of his favorite people.

This episode has a lot less road rage than usual.
This episode has a lot less road rage than usual.

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Comic Book Noise 250: Top Five Favorite X-Men Villains

Host Derek Coward talks about the history of some of the Comic Book Noise family shows, then goes over his top five favorite X-Men villains.

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2 People Talking 20: Angie Loves Finally Talking To Derek

The band is back together as Angela Paman welcomes back her prodigal co-host Derek Coward and they talk about a bunch of stuff, including Shade The Changing Man, Geoff Johns, Mike Myers trying to give Derek a fit, email addresses meaning welcome to the family, wet dogs and cranky boys.


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2 People Talking 19: Angie Loves Talking With Mike Myers

While Derek is still MIA, Host Angela Paman recruits Mike Myers (the guy from Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise, Geek Brunch and DC Noise, not the comedian or the masked serial killer) to be Person Number Two and they talk.

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Comic Book Noise 171: Heroes Con 2009

Host Derek Coward talks about his trip to Charlotte NC for Heroes Con 2009 and ends up reviewing a few comic books including After School Agent, Athena Voltaire, Necessary Evil, Ninjasaur and the awful Heroes Reborn: The Avengers.

PKD Media

Shamelessly stolen from ComicGeekSpeak.com
Shamelessly stolen from ComicGeekSpeak.com

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Geek Brunch Episode 77

Heath and Mike, solo (duo?) once again, discuss the usual crop of comics, movies, tv, and edibles. Be warned, this contains spoilers for just about everything: Astounding Wolf Man, Jumper, Eagle Eye, The Sixth Sense, Dallas, who killed Laura Palmer, where’s the beef, what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke, how Tupac faked his death, the truth behind the Hoffa mystery, how Elvis is really alive, Where Jim Morrison has been for the last few decades, which came first, the chicken or the egg, and what women really want. We answer and spoil it all. Bon Apetit!


Image by scene*s, used under a Creative Commons license.

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Geek Brunch Episode 76

Hosts Heath Holland and Mike Myers are joined by Bill, DBM on the forums for episode 76 of Geek Brunch. This show features the song “Grandpa Never Banged A Kangaroo” by Baron Von Lichtenstein. If you can come up with something more interesting than that, feel free… I’m tapped out of show notes.

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DC Noise Episode 23: Trinity 25-27

In a much shorter than usual episode, Mike and Eric discuss the following Trinity issues with full spoilers.

Trinity 25 – 00:00:51 to 00:14:02
Trinity 26 – 00:14:02 to 00:23:00
Trinity 27 – 00:23:00 to 00:33:39

We also discuss with little or no spoilers Warlord #16, along with some of the back matter of that issue. And chat about some other random items such as Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon, Batgirl and Death of the New Gods.

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