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Comic Book Noise 420, Part Two: Gotham, Revival, and The Strain

After a brief interruption, host Derek Coward returns to talk about Gotham, Revival and other things that revolve around returning from the dead, the covers of Jenny Frisson, the assumed short comic book career of Jan Strnad, and the television series The Strain.

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Giveaway Contest: Revival Vol 1

I am giving away a copy of Revival Vol 1 from Image Comics. I recently bought a copy from a friend, completely forgetting that I also ordered a copy from an online store. In order to get rid of the pristine copy, I am giving it away. I will take all of the correct entries, put them in a pile (digitally speaking), and pick a winner.

To be entered, correctly answer the following question: Mike Norton shares a studio with what fellow comic book creator?

Send the answer to contest@comicbooknoise.com.



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Comic Book Noise 342: Lightning Comic Book Gumbo

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about a LOT of subjects, including (but not restricted to) Justice League 3000 #4, Mighty Avengers #7 and #8, Kirby Genesis #5, Magnus Robot Fighter #1, Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2, Bloodhound Crowbar Medicine #4, The Occultist #1, Post-Crisis DC vs The New 52 DC, Jen Walters, Avril Lear, the interview that changed how he felt about Jack Kirby’s artwork, old time radio, Green Hornet, liking the parts but feeling ambivalent about the sum, clean filthiness, and the ratio of Black people to White people in New York City.

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2 People Talking 3: Angie Loves Defending Mike Norton

Hosts Angela Paman and Derek Coward talk about a variety of subjects including visiting relatives, The Dark Knight, evolving comic book storytelling styles, answering other people’s telephones, blogs, parenting, cute cats, disgusting mongrels, Pedro and Me, Judd Winick, Ian Churchill, Mike Norton, Scott Pilgrim and Monsters Vs Aliens. Not necessarily in that order.

The Separates – Cosmic Protector
The Cripplers – I Don’t Mess Around
Bootyluv – Don’t Mess With My Man (Makrolon Remix)

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Comic Book Noise 131: Manifestos, Debates and Admissions of Error

I talk about some recent controversies surrounding opposing manifestos, debates about creators and critics and I admit that I was wrong about something pretty big.

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