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Comic Book Noise 549: Enthusiasm Deficit

Host Derek Coward talks about how to find the shows taking part in the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, why heartburn scares him, how he sees the differences between the comic book companies, and why he doesn’t like to start from the beginning.

He's also not a fan of car troubles.
He’s also not a fan of car troubles.

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Quick Review of Milestone Forever 2

Great ending to a story I wish wasn’t ending. McDuffie ended the characters of Hardware and Static by taking their stories to completion in a satisfying way. No matter what DC does with characters of the same look and name doesn’t really matter to me because “my” Milestone ended with this issue.

I remember when Crisis Of Infinite Earths ended and a lot of old timers at my comic shop were griping about all of the changes, while I saw the same changes as something that made me excited to read the next issue of any and everything DC decided to publish. Now that Milestone is done, I haven’t made up my mind if I am going to be a griping old timer or someone who is excited to see what happens with these characters now. Like I keep saying, it all depends on what DC does next.

Highly recommended.

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I Hope The Ball Doesn’t Get Dropped…

…with the Milestone characters now that they are back from Publishing Limbo.

Static has always been pretty popular, but the rest of the big four Milestone characters might just be shunted off to the side.

Icon has been labelled as The Black Superman and this seeming redundancy causes him to get disregarded. (Even though Superboy, Superboy Prime, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Mon-El/Valor/M’Onel and the whole planet of New Krypton don’t seem to have that problem).

Hardware has already made an appearance in The Brave and The Bold teaming up with Blue Beetle and even though he was the typical “angry black hero” who doesn’t want to team up with Jaime, at least he was being used. AND the issue hinted at what could possibly be a long term storyline for Hardware. Personally, I just want him to start a new company with John Henry Irons because I’m sick of Lexcorp stuff being everywhere.

Blood Syndicate isn’t technically one character, but they have almost always been treated as one monolithic entity and a lot of creators have rarely used just one or two of the individual members. Not to seem to glib about it, but I’m not even sure if most people are aware they have names.

Of course, the one Milestone character (outside of Static) who will probably get used in the DCU is the top Milestone villain (sorry Alva): Holocaust. Not only is he an angry black drug dealing gang banger with a secret middle class background but he has the added benefit of being offensive to a lot of the Jewish population.

Of course there are other characters, but these are the big ones.

Like I said, I just hope DC does a better job with the Milestone character than Marvel did with the Malibu characters.


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