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Comic Book Noise 511: The Black Hood, Kate Bishop, and Heading Into A Valley

Host Derek Coward talks about a few comic books he read, Kate Bishop being added to Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, heading into a valley, and feeds.feedburner.com/DerekCowardNoise.

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From The League of Comic Book Podcasts: Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick 18: Mouse Guard Fall 1152 HC

This month’s selection is Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 HC and host James Harris III do an non-spoiler filled review. Also he discusses the future format of the Trade Your Pick episode. Enjoy!

Also, happy birthday James.

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Comics Playground 20 – Grand Re-Opening!

The guys are back from their long hiatus with a whole new format for Comics Playground! Topics discussed include Mouse Guard, Batman: Brave and the Bold (the cartoon and the comic), Space Raoul, the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, DC Universe figures, Hulk Vs. and much, much more all ages goodness

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Comic Book Noise 156: Odd Shaped Comic Books

Host Derek Coward receives a few minicomics in the mail and that leads to a talk about odd shaped comic books.

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