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Blogging Over The Holiday Break

Since the kids are out of school for the Christmas break, I will not be able to record as much as I would like. When it comes to the many music shows that I do, this is no problem because I can just record the voice parts and assemble everything later in Audacity. However when it comes to the talky shows like the comic book and movie shows, then I can’t keep the kids quiet long enough for me to be able to record a complete train of thought (and according to some, I need all the help I can get in that regard).

Therefore, I will probably be doing a lot more blogging until the kids go back to school. I’m not sure how long the individual posts will be or what frequency, but right now, the plan is to post something at least once a day. I also plan on having posts that are at least 200 words each time out, but there might also be some that are short and just contain links to other blogs or news stories.

Right now, that is the plan. Of course, if any of this changes and I am able to record a show (no matter how short or scattershot it is), I will do so.

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The Problem with having multiple podcasts

One of the drawbacks to having multiple podcasts is the higher possibility for error when posting them to the server or the RSS feed. Yesterday’s upload of Indie Comic Book Noise was incomplete and I didn’t catch it until today. So you will have to redownload yesterday’s show to get the missing 18 minutes.

Today, I uploaded the Halloween episode of Movie Noise to the server. I also mistakenly added it to the Comic Book Noise family feed. This isn’t a bonus episode like the time I put the Serenity review in the feed. It was just the product of doing too much at the same time. Listen to it anyway, it is me and Brian from Kryptographik talking in depth about Wolf Creek. I think it ranks as one of the best episodes I have done.

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‘A History of Violence’ on Spike TV

If you aren’t too busy on Monday night (Memorial Day here in the US), then check out Spike TV at 9 pm. ’A History of Violence’ will be shown. Since this is basic cable, I don’t know how chopped up it will be. However, this is one of the best comic book movies ever made in my opinion and although I will be watching wrestling, I would recommend to people that haven’t seen it, you should at least check it out, see how awesome it is and then go watch the uncut version.

Here’s a review that I did about it for the Movie Noise podcast.

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Episode 100

Episode 100 Show Notes

Download Here

#. Band – Song Title

1. Rachel Kann – I Know This Comic Book Savant

2. Bluecake – Garden DazeQuiet Panelologists At Work

3. Violent New Breed – AOCBoxxOnline Heavy Metal Show

4. Any Day In June – DisappearMost People Are DJs

5. Jonathan Coulton – You Ruined EverythingThing A Week

6. The Unfriendlys – TV ScreenPlan Nine Rock Show

7. Glasshouse – One Night In Your SkinAncestor

8. Black Adam – Drifter RecoilMinutes After Midnight

Special Thanks To:

Barry Nugent

Damian Smith – Kryptographik podcast

Mike Myers

Heath Holland (the voice of Storytime Noise)

Ryan King

Eric Martin

Segment Sites:

Comic Book Noise

Movie Noise

Book Review Noise

Storytime Noise-The Rook

SciFi Noise

Deliberate Noise

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