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Marvel Noise Episode 66

thor600tfawIt’s a Monday afternoon drive as David and Pat are on their way to the airport. Pat reminisces about the New York Comicon, the panels and the news, and shares a story or two. Plus! What he’s reading! There’s also a call from Carlos!

Titles mentioned include Agents of Atlas, Secret Warriors, Mighty Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and Cable.

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Marvel’s shipping list for February 11, 2009:

Adam Legend Of The Blue Marvel #4 $3.99
Amazing Spider-Girl #29 $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #586 $2.99
Avengers Invaders #8 Incentive Steve Epting Variant Cover – [PI]
Avengers Invaders #8 Regular Alex Ross Cover $2.99
Avengers Nights Of Wundagore TP $16.99
Avengers The Initiative Vol 3 Secret Invasion HC $19.99
Captain Britain And MI 13 #10 $2.99
Essential Avengers Vol 1 TP All-New Edition $16.99
Eternals Vol 1 To Slay A God TP $19.99
Eternals Vol 4 #8 $2.99
Hulk Vol 1 Red Hulk TP $19.99
Incognito #1 2nd Ptg Sean Phillips Variant Cover $3.50
Incognito #2 $3.50
Invaders Classic Vol 3 TP $29.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #48 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #8 $2.99
Marvel Europe TP $14.99
Marvel Illustrated Odyssey #6 $3.99
Marvel Spotlight War Of Kings $2.99
Marvel TV Galactus The Real Story $3.99
Mini Marvels Secret Invasion TP Digest $9.99
New Warriors Vol 4 #20 $3.99
Nova Vol 3 Secret Invasion TP Book Market Nova Vol 3 Spine $16.99
Nova Vol 3 Secret Invasion TP Direct Market Secret Invasion Nova Spine $16.99
Patsy Walker Hellcat #5 $2.99
Punisher Vol 7 #1 2nd Ptg Jerome Opena Variant Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In) $3.99
Punisher MAX Vol 11 Girls In White Dresses TP $16.99
Secret Invasion War Of Kings One Shot 2nd Ptg Variant Cover $3.99
Spider-Man Brand New Day #5 $3.99
Spider-Man Brand New Day Vol 3 TP $14.99
Supreme Power Vol 1 Contact HC $24.99
Thor Vol 3 #600 Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover – [PI]
Thor Vol 3 #600 Incentive Patrick Zircher Variant Cover – [PI]
Thor Vol 3 #600 Wraparound Marko Djurdjevic Cover $4.99
Thor Vol 3 #600 Wraparound Olivier Coipel Cover $4.99
Wolverine Manifest Destiny #4 $2.99
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #1 2nd Ptg Skottie Young Variant Cover $3.99
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #3 $3.99
X-Factor Vol 6 Secret Invasion HC $24.99
X-Infernus #3 $3.99
X-Men Origins Sabretooth $3.99

Product Updates:

  • The cover solicited for Amazing Spider-Man #585 (DEC082354D, $2.99) is now the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #586 (DEC082355D, $2.99).
  • Amazing Spider-Man #586 (DEC082355D, $2.99; FOC 01/22/09) will have art by Barry Kitson, not Klaus Janson.
  • The Avengers TP: Knights of Wundagore (DEC082455D, $16.99; FOC 01/08/09) will now be titled Avengers: Nights of Wundagore.
  • Avengers: Initiative Premiere HC Vol. 03: Secret Invasion (DEC082426D, $19.99, FOC 01/8/09) will be 152 pages, not 144 pages.
  • The Eternals TP Vol. 01: To Slay a God (DEC082461D; FOC 01/08/09) will be $19.99, not $24.99.
  • The Eternals TP Vol. 01: To Slay a God (DEC082461D, $19.99, FOC 01/08/09) will no longer contain Eternals Annual #1, and will run 144 pages, not 184 pages.
  • Marvel TV: Galactus-The Real Story (DEC082379D, $3.99, FOC 01/15/09) is 40 pages, not 48 pages. No editorial content has changed.
  • Punisher Max TP Vol. 11: Girls in White Dresses (DEC08 2462, $16.99) will contain Punisher #61-#65, but will no longer contain The Hunted as originally solicited. The page count will be 120 pages, not 168.
  • The Thor #600 Variant (NOV082405D, $4.99; FOC 01/08/09) will have art by Gabriele Dell’Otto, not Marc Silvestri.
  • X-Men Origins: Sabretooth (DEC08 2402, $3.99) will be 40 pages, not 32.

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Marvel Noise Episode 65

Your host David A Price talks about New York Comicon, Steve Raker talks about the Year In Review in 1970, Pat Loika brings the new releases, David then returns to review Mighty Avengers, The Uncanny X-Men Annual, Young X-Men and X-Men: Manifest Destiny. David also compares Dazzler to Belle from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. (Not really, but he didn’t leave Derek any show notes to work with and Derek gets bored easily so he just makes stuff up).

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Indie Comic Book Noise 206: Derek and Angie Get Their Noise On

No Bruce this week means no Small Press Spotlight this week. So Derek and Angie make up for it by talking a lot:

Fuzzy Typewriter
Ayre Force
David’s NYComicon plans
REVIEW: Eye Of The Storm
A CHUD-Free place
5 minute comics
Something new that bugs me
Evaluating lazy artwork
The origin of The Number One Comic Book Show
REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1
Cameo by Stephen
“Is Naruto an anime”
REVIEW: Wanted
Looking for Locke and Key
Michael Turner is dead
A kiss is blown
Hypocrisy when dealing with death
Cranky old 30
Free plug
Wuthering Heights is a love story?
Why does a Californian need an umbrella?
The End of The End League
Hardcovers are not trades
The solicitation for Vinyl Underground 12
Teen Titans: Year One and the connection to podcasting
No Question For Derek
Inappropriate Batman sighting
“Comics that came out four times a year?”
The Ethan Van Sciver Is A Nice Guy Society
Derek earns another punch in the throat
40 pages for 2.50
The W word
Random people earn punches in the throat
Madame Xanadu has beautiful arwork
Page 132 is Back To Brooklyn
My favorite Youngblood
Explaining Rob Liefeld
My all-time favorite artists
Angie is speechless and mind-blown
“Rob Liefeld is the Jack Kirby of our age”
Art or story?
Guess which of us is a big fan of Heroes
Jim Lee more rare than Alex Ross
Cringeworthy pricing
I still don’t like wacky
Another plug for The Perhapanauts
Three of the best books in comics today
A reference to an unheard conversation about Charles Schultz
Derek wants The Stand while Angie wants Marvel Previews
Dark Tower Crap
Two stories that I will pick up in any format
Age of Bronze is better than Marvel’s The Iliad
What’s the difference between a bobblehead and a headknocker?
Halloween costumes should be lethal
Another reason why I thank God I was born a man
We talk about shoes (I’m not kidding)
Angie’s busy schedule
Food allergies
Chip Mates are not exactly Chips Ahoy but they still taste good

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Comics Playground 8: Gremlins, Goblins and Mutants! Oh my!

The guys double up on the Required Reading for this episode, reviewing both Goblin Chronicles #1 and Wolverine: First Class #1. Also, our first contest is officially announced! Plus, it’s a good episode for some Independent Reading. All this plus some news for the low, low cost of free!

Goblin Chronicles #1 spoiler time stamp: 24:25 – 43:08
Wolverine: First Class #1 spoiler time stamp: 43:49 – 1:02:08

Download Here

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