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Comic Book Noise 212: Whatever Happened To Deathwing?

Host Derek Coward wonders whatever happened to the Dick Grayson from another timeline and ends up talking about the X-Men, the New Titans, the New Teen Titans, Raven, Team Titans and possibly insults men with pierced nipples.

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Geek Brunch Episode 103: Soak Your Nuts And A Little Bit Of Yoga

Join Mike, Micah and Bill as they are joined by Keith Knudsen (DC Noise). Keith discusses his Yoga experience which is followed up by tons of comic talk featuring Milestone Forever, The New Guardians (from Millennium), Millennium, Samurai, Nightwing, Avengers, Joe The Barbarian, R.E.B.E.L.S, The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century, Superman World of New Krypton, Super Friends, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Hero Squad, Spartacus Blood and Sand The comic, Cinderella, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Jonah Hex, Magog, Wildcats, The Authority, GI Joe Cobra Special, Transformers Ongoing, Rapture, Stumptown, New Avengers, Jackpot, Justice Society of America, Justice League of America and Cry for Justice. TV talk includes Lost, Sanford and Son, Star Wars Clone Wars, Archer, Batman The Brave and the Bold, Smallville, Modern Family, Community and the Human Target. Movies include Blood The Last Vampire, Big River Man, High Society, 2012, Planet Hulk, Hurt Locker, Adventureland, Away we Go, and Inglourious Basterds. Finally the guys finish up by discussing Brunch and how to soak your nuts.

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Burning Trash: Streetfight! Robin vs Nightwing

Burning Trash returns as your host Jasper Borgman brings you a special Streetfight episode comparing Robin and Nightwing. This episode also features songs from the new Riverboat Gamblers album “Underneath The Owl”.
Robin vs Nightwing

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Ms. Marvel Contest Winner

The Prize: Ms Marvel (2006) 1-5

The Contest: Identify the following characters.
The following characters:

from Hero Alliance
from Hero Alliance
Lady Blackhawk
from Blackhawk
Axel Pressbutton
from Laser Eraser and
The Prowler
from The Prowler
from Thunderstrike
from Strike!
from Motormouth and
Pre-Crisis Nightwing
from Superman and
Action Comics

The Winner: Jim Dietz.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Remember there are no losers: just Jim and the rest of you.

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