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Comic Book Noise 155: The Best of 2008, Part Two

Host Derek Coward finishes his look at the best of 2008 by talking about the titles that he has heard good things about but has never checked out yet, best miniseries that didn’t finish in 2008, best #1 comics of 2008 and the best graphic novels.

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The Infinite Horizon
Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips
* The Twelve
* Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
* Madame Xanadu #1
Comic Book Comics
* Locke & Key
* Man With No Name
* Queen and Country Definitive Edition
* Noble Causes Archives
* The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer
* Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician

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Marvel Noise Episode 3

The Unknown #1 This week it’s right down to business with the run down on the Marvel titles waiting for you at the comic shop this week. That’s followed up with the Pick of the Week (hint: it’s pictured on the left) and some thoughts on last week’s selection. Next, a new feature is introduced which is sure to incite some reaction. Or at least a roll of the eyes. Finally, some reviews from the past week as there’s some gushing over Marvel Comics Presents #1 as well as Fantastic Four #548 and 549, along with a mention of Omega Flight #5.

This episode contains some thoughts on what happened in New Avengers #s 33 and 34 and Fantastic Four #s 548 and 549. Some scenes are discussed in detail, but should still leave enough for you to enjoy the stories on your own. Consider this a spoiler warning.

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