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Comic Book Noise 247: My DC Reboot Wishlist

Host Derek Coward talks in depth about the comic books on his wishlist from the upcoming DC Reboot and spends the last few minutes of the podcast talking about the titles and characters he is surprised aren’t part of the reboot.

Men of War

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My latest purchase revealed

My mystery comic book finally arrived today from the Amazon Marketplace. Since I have it in my possession and I don’t have to worry about people rushing out to buy it (and therefore driving up the price for me to get it), I can finally make the big reveal.

It is JLA: Secret Origins by Paul Dini and Alex Ross, the only one of their oversized books that I didn’t own.


I haven’t read it thoroughly yet, but I like what I have seen by just thumbing through it. It appears to be a collection of two page retellings of the origins stories of the Justice League of America (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow (with Black Canary, but her origin wasn’t told.),  Captain Marvel (the real one, you know “Shazam!”), Hawkman (and Hawkgirl, whose origin has always been intrinsically tied to her husband’s), Atom, Plastic Man,  Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Since I cut my teeth on DC Comics way back when, there  is nothing in here that I didn’t already know but it never looked like this.  There is also a retelling of the Justice League of America themselves, which is restricted to one paragraph. The real treat on the JLA spread is Adam Strange, Zatanna, Metamorpho, The Elongated Man, Phantom Stranger and Red Tornado each getting the Alex Ross treatment for a panel.

After the story, there is an interview with Dini and Ross that includes a lot of sketches and a painting of the Big Seven, which is beautiful and I wish I had a poster of it.

Now my Dini/Ross oversized collection is complete and I can start getting some of the other books that I saw on TreasuryComics.com. This could take a while and get expensive. Luckily for me, I’m not as obsessive about such things as I once was.

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Tough Time Getting A Comic Book

After taking a look at treasurycomics.com, I discovered that I was missing one of the Dini/Ross oversized books. I’m not a completist the way a lot of other comic book fans are, but there was something deep inside my soul that said “You MUST get this book.”

I went to eBay first because, despite all of the flaws of that site, they usually have everything worth getting that is available. Usually. In this case, they didn’t. They had all of the other Dini/Ross books, but not this one. I immediately thought “Oh no, this is going to be one of those Avengers Annual #11 or Kevin Smith Green Arrow #1 deals.”  In other words, I was probably going to have to pay a lot more than I wanted to pay or I was going to have to walk away for a few months in order to get it at a decent price.

However, I didn’t give up. I decided to check out Atomic Avenue, also known “as eBay without all of the hassle.” I did a quick search and lo and behold, there it was. And to top it off, the book was only between $5.25 and $7.55 (before shipping), great pricing. I added it to my shopping cart and got a 500 Program error.  Of course, it came complete with a picture of a rampaging robot and the caption “Just a little glitch in the system.” Not a very comforting thought when I want to buy a comic. I noticed that I forgot to login, so I decided to login and see what would happen. Same thing.

OK, I went to my last resort. The dreaded and evil Amazon.com. Not that I have anything against Amazon, but more often than not a lot of people shy away from using Amazon (although a lot of Amazon bashers that I correspond with seem to have Amazon ads on their sites.) Amazon itself wasn’t selling the book, but a bunch of stores in the Amazon Marketplace (third party stores doing business through Amazon) had the book I was looking for. I was able to pick it up for $7.30 including shipping, which seems to be less than I would have paid through Atomic Avenue (if it had worked) and I’m almost positive that it is less than I would have paid on eBay.

Now I just have to wait for the book to arrive. Once I get it in my hands, I will tell you what the name of the book is. Until then, I don’t want to jinx it.

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A Great Site That I Had No Idea Existed

Most people who know me know that I am a sucker for oversized comic books. Not stuff like Absolutes because those just seem like books that happen to have comic book drawings in them. I’m talking about the big oversized Treasury books like the Legion of Super-Heroes book that featured the Wedding of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, or the Howard The Duck book that featured Howard and the Defenders taking on Black Hole, Tillie The Hun and those other guys or those books that reprinted classic comics like All Star Comics #3 and Whiz Comics #2.

wedding_large htd_large allstar 3 Whiz 2

All good stuff that brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I remember seeing the ads for these things in DC and Marvel books from the 70s and wanting every last one of them. Unfortunately as I grew older, getting them just never became a priority.

There is apparently a site that revolves around these books and it is called TreasuryComics.com. I have already spent a lot of time today just clicking through and reading the reviews of a bunch of books that I wish I had.

I like the fact that they have also mentioned the ones that DC did in the late 90s and early 00s. I had no idea that I was missing one of the Dini/Ross books until I checked this site out. This is a great reference site with lots of pretty pictures.

Check it out if you get a chance.

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$152.49 should not be ignored

My good friend Scott Cederlund is a little disgusted with fandom (my words, not his) and the reaction to Countdown To Final Crisis. He wonders why so many people who spent the last year complaining about Countdown are now crying foul because Grant Morrison has invalidated it when he wrote Final Crisis #1.

He asks "Do we want to forget that Countdown ever happened or do we want it to be the real backbone of the DC universe?"

For $152.49 (without discount), I don’t want DC (or any publisher for that matter) to give me a big middle finger a few weeks after the end of a major story, like Countdown. It doesn’t matter if we want to forget the story because THEY told us that it happened, in continuity on the regular DC Universe Earth. If they wanted us to ignore the story and all of the events in it, then they could have ended the last issue with a two page spread of the words "JUST KIDDING!" People would have still been pissed, but they would not have been pissed at Grant Morrison and the current miniseries but rather they would have still been pissed at Paul Dini and the Countdown Crew of Palmiotti, Gray, McKeever, Bedard, Beechen (who a lot of people are mad at anyway, so another little bit probably wouldn’t have crushed the camel’s spine).

There were some facets of Countdown that could have been ignored and no one would care. There were some things about Countdown that should not have been ignored (The Death of The New Gods, Mxyzptlk closing the Fifth Dimension, The Great Disaster, The Challengers Of The Beyond telling the Monitors that they are being monitored and The new OMAC are some things that I would like to see revisited). If these things are part of the backbone, they could have been. After the wasted potential of Countdown, why continue to throw out everything except for Mary’s new costume and attitude?

And let’s face it, they have probably already got all of the money that they are going to get out of Countdown, but they have just gotten the juicer fired up for Final Crisis. By telling the suckers who bought every issue loyal readers of Countdown that they wasted their time, they are wasting some of the remaining 52 goodwill that they haven’t flushed away. I, for one, will be waiting for the trade (free plug for my buddies). I know my little $27.93 (without discount) won’t matter much to DC Comics, but then again neither did the time and money I spent on Countdown To Final Crisis.

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Comic Book Noise Bytes – September 12, 2007

Here we go:

TOP – Justice League of America Wedding Special 1
BOP – Daredevil 100
ROW – Madame Mirage

No audio show for it this week. I wasn’t really enthused about anything that I read this week, except for the JLA Wedding Special, in fact I read it twice.

Daredevil 100 was really thick because after the main story there was a reprint of two issues featuring the first appearance (I believe) of Mister Fear. It is interesting to compare Ed Brubaker (one of the best writers out right now) and Gerry Conway (one of the most underrated writers of all time). There are also a bunch of extra in the back showing the development of some of the art pages that were pretty cool.

Madame Mirage has some of the best artwork out there right now. The story is infinitely better than the one Dini is telling over at Countdown (which was a pretty decent issue this week), but I think that it is because this is more a labor of love.

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