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Comic Book Noise 309: Making Sausage

Host Derek Coward returns with an episode entitled Making Sausage. Yes, he knows you can’t tell what this episode is about so you will just have to listen if you want to know.

Comic Book Noise 250: Top Five Favorite X-Men Villains

Host Derek Coward talks about the history of some of the Comic Book Noise family shows, then goes over his top five favorite X-Men villains.

Comic Book Noise 229: My Fantasy Podcast

Host Derek Coward takes the news of the Wizard magazine’s ending and turns it into a discussion about his fantasy podcast.

Comic Book Noise 197: Different Types of Comic Book Podcasts

Host Derek Coward talks about the different types of comic book podcasts as he takes the show back to its origins.

Teenage Wasteland Episode 39: My Life As a Podcaster

From host Alec Berry:  It’s time to reflect. This episode is a calm one (sorry, Chemical Box listeners) as I discuss what I am doing with the medium, how it has affected me and where I plan to go. Also, I take a look at an Original Graphic Novel and a movie.

Music featured is by Dead Kennedys.

Comic Book Noise 176: Single Host Podcasts and iFanboy Membership

Host Derek Coward talks about his preferred style of comic book podcasting, the so called controversy surrounding the iFanboy podcast and why he will never appear on a roundtable comic book podcast again.

Would This Be Cheating?

I want to reach a good mix of blogging and podcasting because there are times when I am unable to podcast (like at work) but I have a bunch of good ideas. I am always jotting down notes but there are a lot of times when my “notes” get very involved and could be blog postings.

On the flip side, there are blog posts that I start writing and it occurs to me that I could just as easily talk about them and in doing so I could also touch on a bunch of other related topics. Plus, I consider myself to be a podcaster first and I feel as though I should save all of the good stuff for the show.

So I was wondering if this would be cheating, I write a blog post and instead of just referring to it, I also read it on the show. It would pretty much be like reading from a script, which I have gotten a lot better at and in some instances, I don’t think that anybody can tell that I am reading from pre-prepared content, but all of the people who regularly visit the site might feel as though they are getting cheated.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Book Noise 151: Comics Now, Return To Point Pleasant and Secret Invasion

Host Derek Coward goes old school with a rather subdued episode where he talks about his plans for his Podcast column in the Comics Now magazine, gives a review of Ape Entertainment’s Return To Point Pleasant OGN and gives his thoughts on Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries event.

Comic Book Noise 148: Hate vs Disappointment

Host Derek Coward explains why being disenfranchisement and disappointment is not the same as hate. To make his point, he mentions Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, Prime, dating a female bodybuilder, Batman: Prodigal, Az-bats, Batman: RIP, dead Steve Rogers, dead Superman, blonde Wonder Woman, black Iron Man, gray Hulk, puzzle pieces, taking the audience for granted, podcast recipes, scripted material and stilted dialog versus satisfying spontaneity, referencing the hidden past, real competition, what are you buying this week, expanding pull lists, Andrew Kreisberg and Helen Killer, a sixty percent failure rate, Invasion, Animal Man, Doom Patrol and why lean does not mean sickly.

Download Here

Podcasting or Blogging?

I’ve reached the point where I don’t know if I would prefer to make a regular podcast or do regular blog posts. Right now, I don’t do much of either on a regular basis and that has always been a private source of embarrassment to me.

Podcasting is a lot easier simply because it is just talking to friends. Writing is a touch more difficult because you never know who is reading your stuff and a lot of the subtle nuances that can be conveyed in speech is lost.

However, once the recording is done there is a lot more to do before you have a podcast (the listen-thru, the conversion to the proper bitrate and format, completing the ID3 tags, uploading the file, updating the RSS feed, creating show notes and updating the website, verifying that the file transferred completely, checking for any RSS errors and making sure that all of the pertinent information is in the episode notification.) Writing a blog post just requires that you double check your spelling and hit Publish.

Then there is the whole reaching different audiences problem. There are people who listen to the podcast who never go to the website and there are website visitors who will read blog postings but never check out the podcast itself. I need to figure out how to get a bit of convergence there, but I’m not holding out much hope.

Oh well, I figure something out. I always do.