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Comic Book Podcast Show – 1/25/2009 to 1/31/2009

This episode features clips from:
Half Hour Wasted
Stumptown Trade Review
Green Lantern Spotlight
Fanboys Strike Back
Comics Coast To Coast
Comic Impact
Comic Book Attic
Art and Story
Podcasting After Dark

Thanks to Ed Moore for his help with the Comic Book Podcast Wiki
Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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Comic Book Noise Bytes: Podcast Burnout

In lieu of a regular episode, I threw something together while driving to work this morning. Sorry about the sound quality.

Download Here

Links to sites mentioned:

Podcast Burnout thread
Comic Racks
Around Comics
Daily Source Code
Keith and The Girl
Comic Book Savant
Comic Book Attic
Comic Timing
Marvel Noise
Geek Brunch
88 Miles Per Hour
Indie Comic Book Noise
Comic Playground
DC Noise

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