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Comic Book Noise 247: My DC Reboot Wishlist

Host Derek Coward talks in depth about the comic books on his wishlist from the upcoming DC Reboot and spends the last few minutes of the podcast talking about the titles and characters he is surprised aren’t part of the reboot.

Men of War

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Robert Loren Fleming is returning

It hasn’t been any secret to anyone that my favorite part of Newsarama has been the interviews by Vaneta Rogers. In an interview that she did with Jann Jones and Keith Giffen, she mentions that they are bringing back Ambush Bug. It’s also no secret that I have only read the Secret Origins issue featuring Ambush Bug, but I know that he has a large following and I hope that Keith Giffen makes a big loaf of dollar bills from the return.

However, the big news to me is the fact that Robert Loren Fleming is writing the dialog. I loved his work on Thriller, Underworld, Valor and especially Aquaman. In fact, his too short run on Aquaman (a special and a five issue miniseries) is what caused me to give the Peter David run a chance. Fleming made Aquaman interesting to me for the first time.

I will admit that I haven’t really followed his career since he left Eclipso, but I am stoked that he is coming back and hope this opens the door for him to do more work for DC. Of course, the best possible thing for me would be a new collection of the first seven issues of Thriller, followed by the ending to the story the way he wanted to tell it (No offense to Bill Dubay, but I didn’t like his stuff). Oh and a continuation to Underworld would be nice too.

Yeah I know, it won’t happen, but I can hope, can’t I?


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