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Indie Comic Book Noise 213: Angie Loves Happy Meal Toys

No Bruce this episode, but there is a special promo from Bill Jourdain of the ‘The Golden Age Of Comic Books Podcast’ podcast. Then Angie and I talk about Patti’s accident, Advice for dog owners, Angie’s wi-fi woes, hate for Slingbox, Mail from Chris Partin, Unemployment sucks, Musical interlude, Angie loves Happy Meal Toys, Post recording plans, Actions figures, Love for Samuel L. Jackson, Angie’s work week, “Believe or not, I can be an asshole.”, How to stop the “Why do you spend so much on comics?” conversation, The Book Says, Karma covered apples?, I’m NOT now nor have I ever been a teddy bear, stupid dog, cocktail recommendation, maltliquortastesbetter.blogspot.com, webcomics recommendations, The Odd Squad, Comic Book blog recommendation and Yell Fire.

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