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Comic Book Noise 798: Phone Update, Disney Plans, Death, and Fan Fiction

Host Derek Coward talks about his phone troubles (again), the recently announced Disney/Netflix split (again), fandom after death, and professional fan fiction.

thor ragnarok

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Comic Book Noise 466: Update on the Star Wars artist

Host Derek Coward talks about the upcoming change on the art duties on Marvel’s Star Wars title, as well as more snark and outrage from comic book fandom.

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Comic Book Noise 464: Star Wars #1 and Rebels

Host Derek Coward returns with a Cross-posted episode with SciFiNoise where he breaks some bad news, talks about Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics, Star Wars Rebels from the Disney Channel, and tells why he’s looking forward to future Star Wars stuff coming from Disney.

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Sci Fi Noise: The Shepherd’s Tale

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Firefly, Serenity, and Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale, and mentions Star Wars’s Extended Universe, Babylon 5 canon, and Jonny Zero(?).

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Comic Book Noise 214: A Short Feedback Show

Host Derek Coward responds to feedback about recent episodes and talks about Hank Pym’s mental decay vs Tony Stark’s alcoholism, comic book B listers, why certain characters aren’t talked about on Comic Book Noise and why podcast listeners should leave feedback.

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