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Comic Book Noise 387: Snowpiercer

Host Derek Coward talks about the movie Snowpiercer, reasons to vote, John Constantine, The Great Darkness Saga, recognizing art styles, and his writing heroes when he was a kid.

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Spectacular Spider-Cast Episode 15

Host Derek Coward returns with two special guests. Bruce Rosenberger from the Komicskast podcast and David A Price from the Marvel Noise and 11 o’Clock Comics podcasts, in separate segments help take a look at Amazing Fantasy 15 and Superior Spider-Man #1. Derek also continues his look at the first storyline from 1990’s Spider-Man series written and drawn by Todd McFarlane.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Alt
The original (unused) Steve Ditko cover to Amazing Fantasy 15.
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man #2 by Todd McFarlane
Superior Spider-Man 1
Superior Spider-Man 1 alternate cover by Joe Quesada.

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Comic Book Noise 242: A Few Issues of Micronauts

Host Derek Coward talks about a few issues of Micronauts, why he liked the series, what he found amusing about these issues and who he thinks is a good penciller but a bad inker.

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2 People Talking 20: Angie Loves Finally Talking To Derek

The band is back together as Angela Paman welcomes back her prodigal co-host Derek Coward and they talk about a bunch of stuff, including Shade The Changing Man, Geoff Johns, Mike Myers trying to give Derek a fit, email addresses meaning welcome to the family, wet dogs and cranky boys.


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