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Comic Book Noise 241: Exits, Fill-Ins and Free Ideas

Host Derek Coward talks about why he quit the 2 People Talking podcast, briefly reviews Saga of Swamp Thing 33 and gives an idea for a new comic book podcast that he hopes somebody else does soon.

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Comic Book Noise Episode 222: Lots Of Noise

Host Derek Coward takes a bunch of short segments that were recorded at a bunch of different times and strings them together to make an episode where he talks about Pride of Baghdad, Knight and Squire, recent comic book purchases, fulfilled obligations and his Top Three favorite inkers of all time.

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Review: Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips 1 (of 5)

At first I thought that this miniseries was going to be a set of new stories set in the universe of The Stand. I am a big fan of The Stand and I was really amped for this. I have read the paperback, the unabridged paperback, the TV miniseries, the TV miniseries on VHS and the TV miniseries on DVD. I read a Stephen King short story that showed what happened to a small group of friends when the Captain Trips outbreak first started being known. I wish I remembered what it was called. I thought that the miniseries was going to be like that short story, original stories expanding the universe.

I was wrong. This project seems to be an adaptation of abridged The Stand novel told over several miniserieses. This first mini is the first “book” of the novel called Captain Trips. It deals with introducing most of the cast of characters and how they all deal with the original breakout. The Captain Trips part of the story is my favorite. I have a fondness for stories about the disintegration of society and this is one of the best.

The writing is excellent, but then again the source material is one of my favorite stories, so I might be a little biased. The only thing that I remember reading from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was 4, a Fantastic Four series (Marvel Knights?) that also featured artwork by Steve McNiven.   I remember liking the dialogue and I think some of the promotional material said that he was a playwright.

The artwork on the faces was a little hinky in the prologue, but once the story got out of the Campion household, Mike Perkins seemed to settle into a nice groove. Although the image of Mrs Campion and the baby later in the issue also seemed a little off, so maybe he just doesn’t like to draw those characters.

Chris Eliopoulos does a great job with the lettering, but then again he usually does.  I really like the pages with Larry in the car in front of his mother’s house.

However, the star of the issue is Laura Martin. I have been paying closer attention to her color artwork and I can’t remember ever being disappointed. She continues her streak with this issue.

The cover by Lee Bermejo is beautiful and sinister at the same time.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

The only thing that slightly pissed me off was the fact that the last few pages were from The Stand sketchbook that I got from my LCS a while back. Not a big deal because I don’t think that a lot of people picked it up, but then again, not a lot of people are crazy for The Stand like I am.

I am definitely picking up the rest of this miniseries. And probably the one after that. And the one after that. And the trade/hardcover. Yeah, I guess that makes me a sucker, but when the story is The Stand, I don’t mind being a sucker.

Since people like grades, I will give this issue 9 out of 10.

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