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The Marvel Bronze Age episode 8 – Banjo Music

Lets all sit back and listen once again as we tune into those geek ravings of Miscatonic and his faithful co-host Levi.

Time stamp hh:mm:ss

0:00:00 Intro Music
0:00:36 Opening
0:00:50 Welcome
0:01:17 Sponsors
0:02:17 For the Good of the Show

0:05:36 Feedback
0:05:37 Fanpage Feedback
0:06:07 Homepage Comments
0:10:27 Forum Comments

0:12:53 Reviews
0:12:54 Marvel Tales
Amazing Spider-man 31 ( + + )
0:31:38 Journey into Mystery 111 ( – + )
0:39:50 Purple Monkey
0:48:18 Strange Tales 122 ( – – )

0:57:58 Recap
1:00:17 Coming Attractions
Mighty Marvel Western 7
Millie the Model 178
My Love 3
1:05:31 Closing
1:06:43 Thank Yous
1:06:58 Remarks
1:08:00 Outro Music
1:08:41 Fini

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Geek Brunch 98 – Kung Fu Elephants

Mike, Micah and Bill discuss tossing Pizza, fancy sodas, Strange Tales, Stumptown, Punisher The List, Icon, Milestone, Young Liars, Ninja Cowboy Viking, Haunt, Sweet Tooth, Titanium Rain, RASL, Growing Up with Comics, Streets of Gotham, Gotham City Sirens, Vengeance of the Moon Knight and much much more. TV discussion includes Cougar Town, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Clone Wars, Flash Forward and Glee. Not too many movies but we talked about Trick r’ Treat. Grab you iPod and join us for fun in the sun. Wahoo!

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