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Comic Book Noise 724: Tyler Hoechlin, Krypton, Gotham, and Near Collisions

Host Derek Coward gives his thoughts on the one image he has seen of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, wonders what happened to Krypton, talks about Gotham and how it should have possibly have been Gotham Central, and ends this short show in a good mood for a bad reason.

Supergirl and Superman

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Comic Book Noise 647: Spoiling Supergirl, Reconsidering Civil War 2, and Love and Rockets

Host Derek Coward talks about the spoiling of a cool moment on the latest episode of Supergirl (by someone else), why he’s changed his mind and is looking forward to Civil War 2, the most egregious example of dickish driving behavior, and growing older with Maggie and Hopey.

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Comic Book Noise 630: Supergirl, Where Monsters Dwell, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward talks about Supergirl in a non spoiler way, the conclusion of Where Monsters Dwell (which he called something completely different), and mentions the new Karnak series.
Where Monsters Dwell 5

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