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DC Noise Episode 34: World of New Krypton 1

Our lineup for this episode is:

Superman: The World of New Krypton # 1 – 00:01:00 to 00:09:08
Action Comics #875 – 00:09:08 to 00:17:54
Supergirl #39 – 00:17:54 to 00:25:01
Jonah Hex #41 – 00:25:01 to 00:32:25

The Gotham Knights segment for this episode finds Bill covering:
Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #1 – 00:32:25 to 00:39:50
Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead 1 shot – 00:39:50 to 00:43:11

And finally, Mike and Eric return for their Top 5 lists of the sexiest women in the DCU. Then to wrap things up we quickly discuss some back issues, a DC Universe Novel: Helltown by Dennis O’Neil and some more action figure and statue talk.

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DC Noise Episode 32: Legion of Three Worlds and The Brave and The Bold

Our topics for this episode are:

Trinity 37 – 00:01:16 to 00:09:07
Trinity 38 – 00:09:07 to 00:14:50
Trinity 39 – 00:14:50 to 00:20:49
Supergirl #38 – 00:20:49 to 00:28:58
Superman #685 – 00:28:58 to 00:34:28
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3 – 00:34:28 to 00:46:26
Jonah Hex #40 – 00:46:26 to 00:51:17

We wrap up with some action figure and Batman: The Brave and the Bold discussion.

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DC Noise Episode 30: Trinity, New Krypton and Faces of Evil

This episode, Mike and Eric bring you discussion of the following:

Trinity 34 – 00:00:36 to 00:05:33
Trinity 35 – 00:05:33 to 00:09:03
Trinity 36 – 00:09:03 to 00:12:07

Action Comics 873 – 00:12:41 to 00:16:12
Supergirl 37 – 00:16:12 to 00:22:27
Superman 684 – 00:22:27 to 00:29:17
Action Comics 874 – 00:29:17 to 00:39:37

We wrap up with Mike’s review of Warlord #20 and the introduction of a
possible recurring segment challenging Eric on the old “Ask the Answer
Man” questions. We also discuss some other future segments and topics
of discussion.
Warlord 20

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DC Noise Episode 26: Trinity and New Krypton

In what can be called a raw unedited episode, Mike and Eric talk about Trinity 28, 29 and 30 and New Krypton parts 8 and 9 in Supergirl 36 and Superman 683 with full spoilers all around. Sorry no spoiler time stamps this episode but Eric has been working overtime this week and has had very little sleep and time to do editing. I promise there aren’t any huge tangents or long pauses. Anyway, we hope you enjoy….

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Comic Book Noise 156: Odd Shaped Comic Books

Host Derek Coward receives a few minicomics in the mail and that leads to a talk about odd shaped comic books.

Discuss the show here

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DC Noise Episode 22: New Krypton Parts 4 Through 7

We are back and it’s the first DC Noise of 2009, hopefully with no more delays for a long while. Happy New Year from Mike and Eric! Join us as we discuss New Krypton parts 4 through 7 and learn a little about the Creature Commandos and Ultra the Multi-Alien.

Spoilers with Time Stamps:
Action Comics #871  – 00:01:04 to 00:09:27
Supergirl #35 – 00:09:27 to 00:21:05
Superman #682 – 00:21:05 to 00:32:28
Action Comics #872 – 00:33:15 to 00:50:49


Image courtesy of DCComics.com

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