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Journeyman cancelled

According to that bastion of journalistic integrity EOnline, Journeyman is being canceled.

I’m just being snarky, because EOnline breaks a lot of TV news and I shouldn’t denigrate their contributions. I’m more than a little pissed about this cancellation though. A lot of people wrote Journeyman off as being a Quantum Leap ripoff, but that’s really not fair. The time travel element was the similar in both shows, but that was about it. The fact that there was a family involved, who were in on the secret was a bigger strength to the show than I would have thought.

I am really digging this new trend of the heroes of shows actually having a support system in place to help him deal with what he has to do. Reaper is another one that does this and it makes sense that this ongoing life changing event would be shared with those to you. I think that Chuck would be a whole lot better if they would just give the guy someone else he could confide in besides the two government agents. CBS’ vampire detective show Moonlight decided to not only give the main character a vampire confidant, they also let him reveal himself to the human (and gorgeous female) lead instead of dragging that plot point out indefinitely. Pushing Daisies is another good example of this trend.

Now if people would just realize that they are watching shows about superheroes and get over that whole ’superhero stuff is kid stuff’ nonsense, then I would be extremely happy.

Hopefully, the last episodes of Journeyman will be shown and fans of the show can get some kind of closure. Although the really big questions (Dan’s gambling addiction, how he exactly ended up with his wife and of course, why is he travelling through time) probably won’t be answered, but hopefully there will be some kind of ending. Also, since there won’t be enough episodes for syndication, hopefully there will be a DVD set, like there was for Kidnapped.

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