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Comic Book Noise 517: Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Spec Ops, Hickman’s Avengers, and the New Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about the new Spec Ops for the Marvel’s Avengers Alliance game, more on The Avengers by Jonathan Hickman, and a few thoughts on The New Universe.

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Spectacular Spider-Cast Episode 15

Host Derek Coward returns with two special guests. Bruce Rosenberger from the Komicskast podcast and David A Price from the Marvel Noise and 11 o’Clock Comics podcasts, in separate segments help take a look at Amazing Fantasy 15 and Superior Spider-Man #1. Derek also continues his look at the first storyline from 1990’s Spider-Man series written and drawn by Todd McFarlane.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Alt
The original (unused) Steve Ditko cover to Amazing Fantasy 15.
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man #2 by Todd McFarlane
Superior Spider-Man 1
Superior Spider-Man 1 alternate cover by Joe Quesada.

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