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Comic Book Noise 362: Dog Days of Podcasting: Comic Book Universe Creation Mistake Avoidance

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “Lets say that you were to create your own comics universe; what mistakes would you be sure to avoid?” but as we know nothing is ever that simple.

Comic Book Noise 359: Dog Days of Podcasting: Favorite Comic Book Character

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “What is your favorite comic book character?”, but nothing is ever that simple.

Comic Book Noise 328: Comic Book Origin Stories In Other Media

Host Derek Coward talks about the X-Men and their lack of a need of an origin story on TV and movies.


Comic Book Noise 319: Fantastic Four By Hickman Omnibus Vol. 1

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at the first volume of The Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman omnibus.

Comic Book Noise 314: The Return of The Comic Book Podcast Show?

Host Derek Coward talks about the Detroit Fanfare, the “disintegration” of the comic book podcast community, and the possible return of the Comic Book Podcast Show.

Comic Book Noise 312: Why Can’t Television Get Adaptations Right?

Host Derek Coward attempts to answer the question “Why can’t television get adaptations right?”

Comic Book Noise 304: Wonder Woman

Host Derek Coward talks about Wonder Woman and why he thinks DC finds it so hard to make her palatable to the mainstream.

Wonder Woman Vol 2 #88
Wonder Woman Vol 2 #88

Comic Book Noise 296: What If There Were No Crisis On Infinite Earths

Host Derek Coward asks: What if there were no Crisis On Infinite Earths?

Crisis On Infinite Earths Segment
Crisis On Infinite Earths Segment

Comic Book Noise 295: Ripped and Torn

Host Derek Coward recorded a podcast where half of it was lost due to a power outage. It was recreated as best as it could have been instead of just trashed. If you skip this one, don’t worry about hurting any feelings. If you don’t, that’s cool also. There’s a lot of figuring out what is missing in comic books, why comic books are better than any other media, Batman not being cool anymore, Clark Kent, Superman, Peter Parker, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Keith Giffen, The Legion of Super-Heroes, and possibly a mention of professional burger flippers.

Comic Book Noise 294: Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman?

At WonderCon this past weekend did Jim Lee really say there are a lot of DC characters he hasn’t really gotten a chance to draw yet, including Wonder Woman? Host Derek Coward certainly hopes so because he recorded 33 minutes of Comic Book Noise talking about the subject and a bunch of other stuff.

Comic Book Noise 294
Comic Book Noise 294