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Comic Book Noise 428: Is Marvel Pushing Away Older Readers?, Part One

Host Derek Coward talks about his morning and other subjects before running out of time while answering his own question “Is Marvel pushing away their older readers?”

Comic Book Noise 424: Old Notes on Wednesday Comics

Host Derek Coward finds an old notebook and talks about Wednesday Comics.

Comic Book Noise 418: No Agent Carter, No Comixology, But Lots of Aggravation

Host Derek Coward was unable to watch the premiere of Agent Carter or use his Comixology gift certificate yet, but he was able to have a bad day and talk about it.

Comic Book Noise 411: Avengers Alliance, The Invaders, and Project Black Skies

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the latest changes to the Avengers Alliance game, a few comic books he read, and the loss of his dog.

Comic Book Noise 410: Secret Origins of The DC Super Heroes

Host Derek Coward returns to set the record straight on his Krypton episode, talks about a book of secret origins, talks about mid season finales, and delves into the minds of TV network executives.

Comic Book Noise 409: Midseason Finale of The Flash and My Favorite Superhero

Host Derek Coward very briefly talks about the midseason finale of The Flash, the real purpose of Krypton and The Waynes, and talks about his favorite superhero.

Comic Book Noise 396: Team Up Books

Host Derek Coward talks about team up books while he gets some coffee.

Comic Book Noise 395: World’s Finest, Stumptown, and Cold Weather

Host Derek Coward returns to complain about the extremely cold weather that he doesn’t move away from, an unwelcomed change to World’s Finest,and some jumbled thoughts that have something to do with Stumptown.

Comic Book Noise 378: Changing Superheroes

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the end of the current Wonder Woman and other superhero comics where the main characters weren’t really superheroes.

Comic Book Noise 377: The Upcoming DC Cinematic Universe

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the upcoming slate of new movies in the DC Cinematic Universe.