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Comic Book Noise 261: Batman

Host Derek Coward puts the recent Batman #1 in context with the rest of his personal history with the character.

Comic Book Noise 261: Batman

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Comics Playground Episode 25: Time Warpin’

In this episode, the guys start off discussing some comic books and end the conversation…. two weeks later! Once the reviews are covered, Ryan shares his unique perspective on “Up” and the guys talk about Ryan’s trip to Heroes Con 2009. All this, and of course some obligatory talk about “Batman: Brave and the Bold”. Two weeks of content in under an hour- all for the low, low price of FREE! What a bargain!


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DC Noise Episode 45: Top Five Things We Would Do As DC Editor

This week Mike and Eric go over the July Previews catalog, discuss the
lists of “5 things we would do as DC editor” from listeners and our
own lists and then movie on to some quick discussion of several

Starting at 01:03:20 to 01:16:42 with various levels of spoilers
within we quickly discuss the following and more – JSA vs. Kobra 1,
Gotham City Sirens 1, The Brave and the Bold 23, Streets of Gotham 1,
Booster Gold 21, Prototype 3, Solomon Grundy 4, DC Superfriends 15,
Justice Society of America 28, Vigilante 7, Power Girl 2 and an
Unknown Soldier issue from 1976 that Mike forgot to mention the issue
number of.


Finally, we have full spoiler reviews/annotations for Strange
Adventures 4 (01:16:42 to 01:23:02) and Flash Rebirth 3 (01:23:02 to

Don’t forget about Mike’s comic giveaway to the person who correctly
writes in with the decoded Zatanna phrase to mike@comicbooknoise.com,
also Eric is giving away all 52 issues of Trinity for the cost of
shipping (he will throw in Countdown as a similar offer as well.)

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The ReaderFeed Episode 39: The Shade’s Journal 25

In the milestone 25th episode of The Shade’s Journal, join host Matt Kramer for a special Knights Past segment celebrating the life of Ted Knight and as we mourn the passing of Archie Goodwin. Also, several news topics are discussed including the status of James Robinson’s Justice League title, Sandman Mystery Theater vol. 7 “The Mist and the Phantom of the Fair”, and the Starman Omnibus vol. 2 topping the New York Times’ first ever graphic fiction bestseller list. This episode features discussion of Starman #44, Adventure Comics #61, and The Brave and the Bold #61.

Image originally found on Comic Book DB (comicbookdb.com)
Image originally found on Comic Book DB (comicbookdb.com)

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