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Comic Book Podcast Show Episode 11

Host Derek Coward revives the show with a brand new (but blatantly stolen) format and features clips from Comic Timing, Major Spoilers, Comic Book Queers, Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD, The Comic Couch, Awesomed By Comics, The Comic Spot and Half Hour Wasted.

Comic Timing
Major Spoilers
Comic Book Queers
Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD
The Comic Couch
Awesomed By Comics
The Comic Spot
Half Hour Wasted

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 2/22/2009 to 2/28/2009

Host Derek Coward features clips from:
About Heroes
The Comic Couch
Dollar Bin
From The Monkey House
Comic Timing
Geek Stuff
GeekNights Wednesdays
Comic Book Attic [CORRECTION: Comic Book Attic is found on http://comicbookattic.libsyn.com, not blogspot.com address that I gave on the show.]
Downloadable Content, The Penny Arcade Podcast

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 2/8/2009 to 2/14/2009

Host Derek Coward presents clips from:
Comic Book Haters
Pipeline Comic Book Podcast (I was wrong about Augie and his domain name. He has http://www.thepipelinepodcast.com, which forwards to Comic Book Resources.)
The Comic Couch
Comics On Comics
Raging Bullets
Geek Syndicate
Deconstructing Comics
Girls Don’t Read Comics

Thanks to Ed Moore for his help with the Comic Book Podcast Wiki
Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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