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Comic Book Noise 728: More Suicide Squad Thoughts

On the eleventh anniversary of the Deliberate Noise Network, host Derek Coward talks more about his thoughts on the movie Suicide Squad, real locations for fictional towns, how far back you have to go to get another DC movie he liked as much, and why “Not my Superman” doesn’t make sense to him.

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Comic Book Noise Presents: Convergence Week 1

Host Derek Coward talks about the books he read from the first week of DC’s Convergence event: Convergence 0, Convergence 1, Convergence: The Question, Convergence: Speed Force 1, Convergence: Superman 1, Convergence: Justice League 1, Convergence: Batgirl 1, Convergence: Harley Quinn 1, Convergence: The Titans 1, Convergence: Nightwing-Oracle 1, Convergence: The Atom 1, and Convergence: Batman and Robin 1

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What I Got – 2/17/2010

Cover of "Irredeemable: Volume 1"

Cover of Irredeemable: Volume 1

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read anything yet, but here is what I picked up from the LCS this week.

Irredeemable Vol 1 TPB (BOOM! Studios) – I was trying to find the first four issues but since I couldn’t I decided to break down and buy the trade. Yes, I jumped on to a new series at issue 5 and I am hooked. There’s something to be said for the power of strong storytelling.

Dark Avengers 14 (Marvel Comics) – My shop was sold out of Siege 2 and Siege Embedded 2. I had told Brian not to add them to my pull list until I read the first issue of both, just in case I didn’t like them. I read them, liked them and then promptly forgot to add them to my pull list. He told me what happened in Siege 2 and recommended that I grab this week’s Dark Avengers.

What If Daredevil Vs Elektra? (Marvel Comics) – This looks like it set around the time of the original Elektra storyline, one of the greatest runs in all of comics in my opinion, so I decided to take a chance on it. The artwork is done by Rafael Kayanan, which is a name I haven’t heard of in years. The last time I remember seeing Kayanan’s work was in a Firestorm annual.

Daredevil 505 (Marvel Comics) – This is on my pull list.

Magog 6 (DC Comics) – This is on my pull list.

Question 37 (DC Comics) – I was going to actively avoid this book because it is a Blackest Night crossover, but Mike Myers and a few others have said I should pick it up because I loved the original Question series.

Daytripper 3 (Vertigo) – I loved the first issue, but forgot to have this series added to my pull list, so I missed the second issue. Luckily, Brian added it so I won’t miss any more issues.

Age of Bronze 29 (Image) – This should be on my pull list, but wasn’t. I have to re-add it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Eric Shanower’s work?

Todd and Craig’s Perhapanauts Special: Molly’s Story (Image) – This is on my pull list.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension (Red 5 Comics) – This is on my pull list, but I have already read the review copy supplied by Red 5. I will be reviewing this in great detail on the next Indie Comic Book Noise episode.

Incorruptible 3 (BOOM! Studios) – This is on my pull list.

NOTE OF DISCLOSURE: All of the links for the Irredeemable trade are to Amazon, so if you buy using this link (or if you buy anything else after going to the site from that link), a portion of what you buy will go to the site. I don’t know if you care about that kind of stuff or not, but I thought I would tell you anyway.

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2 People Talking 20: Angie Loves Finally Talking To Derek

The band is back together as Angela Paman welcomes back her prodigal co-host Derek Coward and they talk about a bunch of stuff, including Shade The Changing Man, Geoff Johns, Mike Myers trying to give Derek a fit, email addresses meaning welcome to the family, wet dogs and cranky boys.


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DC Noise Episode 35: Top Five Villains

Your hosts Mike Myers and Eric Martin open the show with some news about the announced second features in some of the DC titles and we go over some more Blackest Night information. Then it’s our Top 5 list of Current Villains.

Reviews –
Strange Adventures #1 – 00:12:33 to 00:27:50 (brief Batman: The Brave and The Bold tangent included)
R.E.B.E.L.S. discussion from 00:27:50 to 00:29:19
The Question #6 – 00:29:19 to 00:32:31
Young Liars vol. 1 – 00:32:31 to 00:34:59
Transmetropolitan vol. 1 – 00:34:59 to 00:36:56
Superman #686 – 00:38:08 to 00:46:28
Green Arrow/Black Canary #18 – 00:46:28 to 00:48:38
Prototype #1 – 00:48:38 to 00:49:49

And finally, we close the show with some Smallville discussion.

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Geek Brunch Episode 67: Ask The Question

Eric Martin (The Question) joins us for an episode about building muppets, eating nachos, and watching a few scary movies. Happy Halloween!

Features the song “Yoda Gets Laid” by Time Warrior from the Podsafe Music Network.

Download Here

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Review: 52 Aftermath: Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood 1

Synopsis (from dccomics.com): A Monk of the Dark Faith is moving through the DCU, seeding evil in his wake, as he prepares for a final, potentially devastating act. Trailing him is The Question, who seeks to save the life of the author of a best-selling expose about the Dark Faith. But is The Question simply playing a part in a much larger game? All will be revealed when The Lesson of Deceit is foretold.

Writing: I’m not sure what I expected from this title going in. I didn’t know if it was going to be more in the vein of the Question/Batwoman vs Manheim/Intergang storyline from 52 or if it was going to be more like the O’Neill/Cowan Question series from way back when. It actually seemed almost like a story from an old EC book, or 1970’s House of Mystery. Either way, there was an old school vibe to it. I am really liking Renee Montoya as the Question.

Art: Part of the old school vibe that I get from the book is from the artwork. I used to despise Tom Mandrake’s artwork and now I cannot remember why. It used to be that I would avoid anything he was associated with, then I began to accept his art as a necessary evil if I wanted to read certain titles, and now, I find myself seeking out things that he is the artist on. I cannot remember why I didn’t like it. I cannot remember why I started to like it. I’m sure why I like it now, but I do and I cannot picture anybody else I would rather see on this title.

Letters: Excellent first page. The rest of the book was also very good. Steve Wands isn’t a name that is familiar to me, but I like what I see in this issue. [Clarification: The first page was lettered by Eric Trautmann. The rest of the book was lettered by Steve Wands. I apologize for any confusion.]
Colors: David Baron uses a very muted palette and like the rest of the artwork, I find that it works for this story.

Cover: It’s weird, but the version I have is not the version that was on DC’s website. The one on the website made sense, but the one I have was very confusing. It took me a while to figure out that it was a glowing Question holding a book.

Editing: I feel bad that I don’t know enough about comic book editing to know when something is done well, but I can easily point out spelling errors and times when the editor has obviously made a mistake. However, I didn’t find any glaring errors that the editor should have caught.

Overall: I found this to be a pretty good read and I cannot wait for the next issue. If you didn’t pick it up this last week, you should try and find a copy, because although I’m pretty sure that it will be traded one day (After all it has 52 in the title), this is something that I wouldn’t recommend waiting to read.crimebible1.jpg

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