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Comic Book Noise 469: Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, Runaways, Largo Winch, and More

Host Derek Coward talks about Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and the new Spec Ops featuring The Runaways, his reading history of the group, his favorite character from The Runaways (and why), then talks about a bunch of movie adaptations of non-US comic books, including The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch

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Comic Book Noise 406: Avengers Academy/The Runaways crossover and The Fifth Beatle

Host Derek Coward talks about the Avengers Academy two part story where they meet The Runaways, then talks about The Fifth Beatle from Dark Horse Comics.

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2 People Talking 68: Angela Loves The NBA

Co hosts Derek Coward and Angela start the show by running off non-sports followers by talking at length about the LeBron James decision and Dan Gilbert’s ridiculous response to it before settling down to talk about Wonder Woman 600, The Invisible Jetcast, The Losers, The Runaways and a bunch of other stuff before talking about the awesome new television show ‘Persons Unknown’ right at the very end of the show.

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