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Comic Book Noise 770: Post Larsen Spawn, Civil War II 1-4, and Marvel Omnibuses

Host Derek Coward kicks off the weekend show by thanking the donors to the show, then talks about Spawn after Erik Larsen left the book, gives his impressions of the first four issues of Civil War II, then answers the question “If Marvel is dumping their omnibuses so often, is it a successful format?”

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Comic Book Noise 755-2: Heroes vs Aliens Part 2: The Flash, Part 1

Host Derek Coward talks about the second part of the DC/CW crossover “Heroes vs Aliens”. This is the first part of the look at The Flash episode “invasion”.

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Spectacular Spider-Cast Episode 15

Host Derek Coward returns with two special guests. Bruce Rosenberger from the Komicskast podcast and David A Price from the Marvel Noise and 11 o’Clock Comics podcasts, in separate segments help take a look at Amazing Fantasy 15 and Superior Spider-Man #1. Derek also continues his look at the first storyline from 1990’s Spider-Man series written and drawn by Todd McFarlane.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Alt
The original (unused) Steve Ditko cover to Amazing Fantasy 15.
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man #2 by Todd McFarlane
Superior Spider-Man 1
Superior Spider-Man 1 alternate cover by Joe Quesada.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 222: Derek Loves Miracleman

In a rare episode where Derek actually loves something, hosts Angie Paman and Derek Coward talk about jobs, job searches, injuries, the Miracleman rights entanglement, dropped connections, dogs, shownotes, football, new schedules and short term memory something or another, I can’t remember.

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Broken Miracleman Statue

The song featured in the interlude is ‘Ganesh Is Fresh’ by MC Yogi (featuring Jai Uttal).
Elephant PowerMC Yogi
“Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal)” (mp3)
from “Elephant Power”
(White Swan Records)

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