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Comic Book Noise 215: Rambling and Personalized Reviews

Host Derek Coward talks about the evolution of Comic Book Noise, why some people don’t like the things he does and mentions names of people who have helped guide Comic Book Noise.

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Comic Book Noise 181: Do Something

This show contains a long, preachy ramble with very little comic book talk while host Derek Coward is driving. Names are dropped and feelings might be hurt, but the intention of the episode is pure and started from a good place.

And just when you think it is done, Derek comes back with a short discussion about the end of Wednesday Comics as well as what he picked up this week.

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Comic Timing
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Comic Book Noise 129: Where I Have Been, Where I Am And Where I Am Going

I talk about where I have been, where I am now and where I am going. Oh and the name I couldn’t remember was Trenchcoat Mafia.

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Comic Book Noise 119: Finding Balance, Unrealistic Realism and Defending Diamond

I talk about incomplete websites, trying to find the balance between the reading habits of the audience and my own changing reading habits, unrealistic realism in superhero comics, plugs for Tom Vs The JLA and Indie Comic Book Noise, the comics I bought on May 21, 2008, I defend Diamond a little and play the best transition music of all time.

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Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors
Tom Vs The JLA
Indie Comic Book Noise
Detroit Comics

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