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Comic Book Noise 811: The Spectre: Crimes and Judgments

Warning: Host Derek Coward talks about a Spectre trade paperback and gets the name of the book wrong. As in completely and utterly wrong. So wrong it is not even funny. That’s how wrong it is. So very wrong.

Spectre Crimes and Judgments

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Comic Book Noise 292: Justice League of America 1 & 2

Host Derek Coward talks about Justice League of America issues 1 and 2, the history of Amanda Waller, Stargirl and comic book female body types, Geoff Johns and how he tailors his storytelling to the artist on a book, Hawkman, Hawkwoman and resurrection, Katana, Vibe, why comic books read the way they do as opposed to thirty years ago, MSB, The Tyroc Syndrome, and how the Justice League and Justice League of America members match up.

Justice League of America #1
Justice League of America #1

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Comic Book Noise 152: Ghost Rider and Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance 1-5

Host Derek Coward talks about the first five issues of Ghost Rider and Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance 1-5 and lets us know that the good old days weren’t always so coherent.

grb1 grb2 grb3 grb4 grb5

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Review: 52 Aftermath: Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood 1

Synopsis (from dccomics.com): A Monk of the Dark Faith is moving through the DCU, seeding evil in his wake, as he prepares for a final, potentially devastating act. Trailing him is The Question, who seeks to save the life of the author of a best-selling expose about the Dark Faith. But is The Question simply playing a part in a much larger game? All will be revealed when The Lesson of Deceit is foretold.

Writing: I’m not sure what I expected from this title going in. I didn’t know if it was going to be more in the vein of the Question/Batwoman vs Manheim/Intergang storyline from 52 or if it was going to be more like the O’Neill/Cowan Question series from way back when. It actually seemed almost like a story from an old EC book, or 1970’s House of Mystery. Either way, there was an old school vibe to it. I am really liking Renee Montoya as the Question.

Art: Part of the old school vibe that I get from the book is from the artwork. I used to despise Tom Mandrake’s artwork and now I cannot remember why. It used to be that I would avoid anything he was associated with, then I began to accept his art as a necessary evil if I wanted to read certain titles, and now, I find myself seeking out things that he is the artist on. I cannot remember why I didn’t like it. I cannot remember why I started to like it. I’m sure why I like it now, but I do and I cannot picture anybody else I would rather see on this title.

Letters: Excellent first page. The rest of the book was also very good. Steve Wands isn’t a name that is familiar to me, but I like what I see in this issue. [Clarification: The first page was lettered by Eric Trautmann. The rest of the book was lettered by Steve Wands. I apologize for any confusion.]
Colors: David Baron uses a very muted palette and like the rest of the artwork, I find that it works for this story.

Cover: It’s weird, but the version I have is not the version that was on DC’s website. The one on the website made sense, but the one I have was very confusing. It took me a while to figure out that it was a glowing Question holding a book.

Editing: I feel bad that I don’t know enough about comic book editing to know when something is done well, but I can easily point out spelling errors and times when the editor has obviously made a mistake. However, I didn’t find any glaring errors that the editor should have caught.

Overall: I found this to be a pretty good read and I cannot wait for the next issue. If you didn’t pick it up this last week, you should try and find a copy, because although I’m pretty sure that it will be traded one day (After all it has 52 in the title), this is something that I wouldn’t recommend waiting to read.crimebible1.jpg

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