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DC Noise Episode 45: Top Five Things We Would Do As DC Editor

This week Mike and Eric go over the July Previews catalog, discuss the
lists of “5 things we would do as DC editor” from listeners and our
own lists and then movie on to some quick discussion of several

Starting at 01:03:20 to 01:16:42 with various levels of spoilers
within we quickly discuss the following and more – JSA vs. Kobra 1,
Gotham City Sirens 1, The Brave and the Bold 23, Streets of Gotham 1,
Booster Gold 21, Prototype 3, Solomon Grundy 4, DC Superfriends 15,
Justice Society of America 28, Vigilante 7, Power Girl 2 and an
Unknown Soldier issue from 1976 that Mike forgot to mention the issue
number of.


Finally, we have full spoiler reviews/annotations for Strange
Adventures 4 (01:16:42 to 01:23:02) and Flash Rebirth 3 (01:23:02 to

Don’t forget about Mike’s comic giveaway to the person who correctly
writes in with the decoded Zatanna phrase to mike@comicbooknoise.com,
also Eric is giving away all 52 issues of Trinity for the cost of
shipping (he will throw in Countdown as a similar offer as well.)

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DC Noise Episode 43: Top Five JSA Members

This episode features our Top 5 JSA Members, along with contributions from some of our listeners. We then go through the June 2009 Previews catalog for DC items shipping in August. Our reviews this time include:

  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 (00:52:56 to 00:58:09)
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1 (00:58:09 to 01:01:39)
  • Justice League of America #33 (01:01:39 to 01:05:58)

and a quick synopsis of Trinity 49 through 52 (01:05:58 to 01:15:00).

All Star Comics 3

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DC Noise Episode 39: May 2009 Previews

Mike and Eric go over the May 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in July. Random discussion about Batman: The Brave and the Bold and The Warlord is included. Then we move on to some reviews of Trinity 47 (00:50:06 to 00:55:21) Trinity 48 (00:55:21 to 00:59:47) Also included is some less detailed, spoiler discussion of Teen Titans Annual #1, Teen Titans #70, Battle For the Cowl #2, Bloodpack, Warlord #1 and many more.

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DC Noise Episode 37: Top Five DC Events

Hosts Mike Myers and Eric Martin open the show with some Denver ComicFest discussion and then move on to the April 2009 Previews
catalog for DC Comics items shipping in June. We discuss Trinity 45 (00:44:25 to 00:50:04) and Trinity 46 (00:50:04 to 00:54:39) and then we talk about our Top 5 list of DC Events.

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DC Noise Episode 36: Batman Cacophony and Trinity

In a much shorter than usual episode Mike and Eric first discuss the Top 5 list of villains we gained respect for due to great writing, and then move on to some reviews:
Trinity 43 – 00:09:44 to 00:16:01;
Trinity 44 – 00:16:01 to 00:22:04;
Batman Cacophony 2 – 00:22:04 to 00:25:03;
Batman Cacophony 3 – 00:25:03 to 00:30:39

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DCNoise Episode 33: Top Five Supporting Characters, Trinity and Gotham Knights

This week, Mike and Eric bring you their Top 5 List of Supporting Characters, news about the Batman books launching in June, the upcoming new Green Lantern artist, a writer change for Teen Titans and more info about Wednesday’s Comics, the new DC weekly series.

Spoiler reviews/rundowns for the following:
Trinity 40 – 00:26:25 to 00:33:14
Trinity 41 – 00:33:14 to 00:40:26
Trinity 42 – 00:40:26 to 00:48:13

Finally, we present the new Gotham Knights segment from our friend Bill (Gotham Knight on the forums) wherein he discusses with full spoilers Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 from 00:48:13 to 00:59:06. Bill will be a welcome part of future episodes to come with more Batman and Batman Family title coverage.
battle for the cowl

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DC Noise Episode 32: Legion of Three Worlds and The Brave and The Bold

Our topics for this episode are:

Trinity 37 – 00:01:16 to 00:09:07
Trinity 38 – 00:09:07 to 00:14:50
Trinity 39 – 00:14:50 to 00:20:49
Supergirl #38 – 00:20:49 to 00:28:58
Superman #685 – 00:28:58 to 00:34:28
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3 – 00:34:28 to 00:46:26
Jonah Hex #40 – 00:46:26 to 00:51:17

We wrap up with some action figure and Batman: The Brave and the Bold discussion.

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DC Noise Episode 30: Trinity, New Krypton and Faces of Evil

This episode, Mike and Eric bring you discussion of the following:

Trinity 34 – 00:00:36 to 00:05:33
Trinity 35 – 00:05:33 to 00:09:03
Trinity 36 – 00:09:03 to 00:12:07

Action Comics 873 – 00:12:41 to 00:16:12
Supergirl 37 – 00:16:12 to 00:22:27
Superman 684 – 00:22:27 to 00:29:17
Action Comics 874 – 00:29:17 to 00:39:37

We wrap up with Mike’s review of Warlord #20 and the introduction of a
possible recurring segment challenging Eric on the old “Ask the Answer
Man” questions. We also discuss some other future segments and topics
of discussion.
Warlord 20

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DC Noise Episode 28: Faces of Evil and Trinity

Mike and Eric give a rundown with full spoilers on the following:

Face of Evil: Solomon Grundy – 00:01:35 to 00:08:48
Face of Evil: Prometheus – 00:08:48 to 00:19:29
Trinity 31 – 00:19:29 to 00:28:01
Trinity 32 – 00:28:01 to 00:34:33
Trinity 33 – 00:34:33 to 00:41:28

We close the show with brief thoughts about Vertigo’s The Haunted Tank, Camelot 3000 Deluxe hardcover, Vertigo’s House of Mystery vol. 1 trade and some action figure discussion.

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DC Noise Episode 26: Trinity and New Krypton

In what can be called a raw unedited episode, Mike and Eric talk about Trinity 28, 29 and 30 and New Krypton parts 8 and 9 in Supergirl 36 and Superman 683 with full spoilers all around. Sorry no spoiler time stamps this episode but Eric has been working overtime this week and has had very little sleep and time to do editing. I promise there aren’t any huge tangents or long pauses. Anyway, we hope you enjoy….

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