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Review of Girl Comics 1

Like a lot of people, I’m not that fond of the name, but since I don’t judge a book by its cover (Unless the cover says “Anybody Who Buys This Is A Pedophile And An Asshole”, then I would probably think twice about picking it up), I picked it up off the shelf.

It is an anthology, so it was up and down in terms of my likes and dislikes, but overall I liked it:

I liked the intro by Colleen Coover.

I didn’t like ‘Moritat’ by G. Willow Wilson/Ming Doyle/Cris Peter/Kathleen Marinaccio, but that’s because I don’t like comic book stories that heavily utilize musical performances. The artwork was very Paul Pope-ish, though.

I liked the Venus story by Trina Robbins/Stephanie Buscema/Kristyn Ferretti because I think stories about people from the past fitting into current times are usually funny.

I liked the spotlight on Flo Steinberg, who I remembered from What If #11, but had no idea who she really was.

I liked ‘A Brief Rendezvous’ by Valerie d’Orazio/Nikki Cook/Elizabeth Breitweiser/Kristyn Ferretti because it is always nice to see what The Punisher does with his off time.

I didn’t like the She-Hulk pin-up by Sana Takeda because her hand-foot was distracting and I think if a male artist had drawn this particular picture he would have been raked over the coals for it.

I liked ‘Shop Doc’ by Lucy Knisley, I thought it was cute.

I liked the spotlight on Marie Severin. She’s Marie Severin, who wouldn’t?

I skipped over ‘Clockwork Nightmare’ by Robin Furth/Agnes Garbowska/Kristyn Ferretti for the same reason I didn’t like ‘Moritat’, only instead of a musical performance, this seemed like it was poetry.

I liked ‘Head Space’ by Devin Grayson/Emma Rios/Barbara Ciardo/Kathleen Marinaccio. I have always thought she spent too much time exploring relationships between characters rather than the characters themselves and as a result, I haven’t been a big fan of her work. She does the same thing in this story, but it makes sense since it was a story about a relationship. Of course, she makes my favorite X-Man look like a little bitch, but then again, almost all writers make him look like a little bitch.

I know a lot of people will pass on this book because of the “high price tag” and I’m not sure what kind of business it will do in trade, but I don’t feel like I got ripped off and I’m looking forward to the other two issues in the miniseries.

Also, I love the cover by Amanda Conner and Laura Martin.


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Another update on Bluewater Comics

The Mainstay Studios link works now and the site is actually pretty nice. However, it has sounds; so beware.

bluewatercomics.com is still misconfigured. The bluewaterprod.com site has been updated, but the link that says New Website Soon, links to a completely different news story. At least they are aware of the problem. Baby steps.

On the subject of the actual comics themselves, I read Venus and Wrath of The Titans.

I liked Venus, but the artwork really wasn’t for me. If you like Humberto Ramos, then you will like it. The cover is not indicative of the interiors. Apparently, Venus is a spinoff of The 10th Muse, which is a title that I have heard of, but haven’t read. There was some wonkiness with the way the dialog is portrayed during the big battle. Instead of different colored word balloons, they switched to different colored caption boxes. It got a little confusing at times because I am used to dialog caption boxes being used for inner monologue and not “spoken” words.

Wrath of The Titans is apparently a sequel to the movie Clash of The Titans, which I saw so long ago that I don’t remember anything about it. The cover artist does the interior art, but he uses a different style. The cover is like unfinished pencils, but the insides look almost like painted animation.

Both books are worth checking out. If you like good old fashioned superhero storytelling, then get Venus. If you like representations of Greek myths, then check out Wrath of The Titans. I doubt if you would be disappointed with either. Just don’t go to the website for more information on either title.

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