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Comic Book Noise 260: DC The New 52 Week Four

Host Derek Coward returns for the final installment of his look at the new 52 #1 issues he bought from DC, including All-Star Western, Aquaman, Blackhawks, I Vampire, Justice League Dark, and Voodoo. He also talks about the difference between a lapdance and a private dance, how he thinks certain superheroes smell, and reveals which hero he thinks smells like sweaty nuts (NOTE: he uses the term ‘nut funk’ a lot on this episode.)


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Comic Book Noise 253: Daredevil 1, Flashpoint Legion of Doom 2 and Supergod 5

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil 1, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom, Supergod 5, unnecessary ultraviolence and hypersexuality in comic books.

daredevil_1_2011_coverFlashpoint_Legion_of_Doom_Vol_1_2supergod 5

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