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DC Noise Episode 31: Watchmen Movie, Faces of Evil and March 2009 Previews

Mike and Eric have watched the Watchmen (sorry for that stupid overused line there folks) and tell you about it with full spoilers for
the movie and the comic books. Spoilers begin basically from the top of the show and go up to 00:13:15

The rest of the lineup is as follows:
Our Top 5 list of Trades, Collected Editions and/or Story Arcs – 00:16:45 to 00:33:18
Darkstars #26 – 00:33:40 to 00:41:24
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #121 – 00:41:24 to 00:44:25
Warlord #21 – 00:44:25 to 00:51:10
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke – 00:53:08 to 00:58:36
Faces of Evil: Kobra – 00:58:36 to 01:07:56

Finally, we go over the March 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in May.

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DC Noise Episode 30: Trinity, New Krypton and Faces of Evil

This episode, Mike and Eric bring you discussion of the following:

Trinity 34 – 00:00:36 to 00:05:33
Trinity 35 – 00:05:33 to 00:09:03
Trinity 36 – 00:09:03 to 00:12:07

Action Comics 873 – 00:12:41 to 00:16:12
Supergirl 37 – 00:16:12 to 00:22:27
Superman 684 – 00:22:27 to 00:29:17
Action Comics 874 – 00:29:17 to 00:39:37

We wrap up with Mike’s review of Warlord #20 and the introduction of a
possible recurring segment challenging Eric on the old “Ask the Answer
Man” questions. We also discuss some other future segments and topics
of discussion.
Warlord 20

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DC Noise Episode 23: Trinity 25-27

In a much shorter than usual episode, Mike and Eric discuss the following Trinity issues with full spoilers.

Trinity 25 – 00:00:51 to 00:14:02
Trinity 26 – 00:14:02 to 00:23:00
Trinity 27 – 00:23:00 to 00:33:39

We also discuss with little or no spoilers Warlord #16, along with some of the back matter of that issue. And chat about some other random items such as Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon, Batgirl and Death of the New Gods.

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Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise No. 10

Mike discusses some interesting finds in his basement. Along with reviews from Warlord #4, Micronauts #2, Dazzler #2, Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1 and New Avengers Annual #2. Music dedications to Barb and the Fbombcast (Mike Manning and TJ Tunnington).

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Music featured can be downloaded at music.podshow.com.

Rob Balder – Muppet Laboratories
Robert Lund – 99 Words for Boobs
Tom Smith – Insert Geek Cliche Here

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