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Comic Book Noise 630: Supergirl, Where Monsters Dwell, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward talks about Supergirl in a non spoiler way, the conclusion of Where Monsters Dwell (which he called something completely different), and mentions the new Karnak series.
Where Monsters Dwell 5

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Comic Book Noise 253: Daredevil 1, Flashpoint Legion of Doom 2 and Supergod 5

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil 1, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom, Supergod 5, unnecessary ultraviolence and hypersexuality in comic books.

daredevil_1_2011_coverFlashpoint_Legion_of_Doom_Vol_1_2supergod 5

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Quick Review of Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island 1

I hadn’t even heard of this book before my comic book dealer pulled it for me on a hunch. I’m glad he did. I liked the artwork and the writing, however the full page text pieces were a little irritating, but necessary. I get a strong “Doktor Sleepless in Victorian times” vibe from the book, but it clearly isn’t that.

Also, it appears as though we have one of the most rare things in comic books: A Warren Ellis creation who is also a nice and honorable guy. He probably won’t end the series that way, but for right now, that’s how it seems.

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 61 – Avatar, IDW and All That I am Missing

This week is a special week as I am joined by listener and friend Jeff Sandquist. Jeff usually writes an e-mail to share his thoughts, but this week I thought I would give him the option of the microphone. What is discussed? Everything Jeff is reading: books from IDW, Avatar and other assorted publishers. Plus, a little conversation on Jeff’s career as a comic book fan, and a quick tangent on the Avatar movie.

Check it out; Jeff is a voice to like.


Some Books Featured
Black Summer
The Crossed
Chronicles of Wormwood
G.I. Joe: Cobra
No Hero

Music featured is by The Ataris.

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Comic Book Noise 177: Marvel’s Marvelman

Host Derek Coward goes over a brief history of the Miracleman mess, discusses what he thinks Marvel should do with the character and tells Marvel in no uncertain terms what they can do to get his money.

Note: Despite what I said in the episode, it was Marv Wolfman who wrote Total Eclipse, not Chuck Dixon. And a bunch of people wrote Miracleman:Apocrypha including Kurt Busiek, Sarah E. Byam, Dick Foreman, Neil Gaiman, Steven Grant, Steve Moore, Stefan Petrucha, James Dale Robinson, Fred Schiller and the great Matt Wagner. Also the series went 24 issues, not 22, and the last issue came out in 1993.


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2 People Talking 4: Angie Loves Her Birthday

Hosts Angela Paman and Derek Coward talk about a variety of subjects including: DVD returns and date nights, Angie reviews Milk, what Angie read, Derek reviews Air, the results of the first 2PT contest, the cancellation of Young Liars, Angie’s birthday plans, Zu Zweit sings It’s Your Birthday, Derek reviews Zone Alarm Pro, Angie reviews Adventureland, what Derek read, Derek reviews R.E.B.E.L.S., Birds of Prey, Mark Bagley, Derek reviews Incognito, spending $120 a month on comic books, fat trimming, The Eight Source Rule, dodging the ARM bullet, teabagging, term coining, the work of Warren Ellis, corporate laziness, The Alrights sing Happy Birthday Universe, sports, museums, blogs, podcasts and finally The Temperate sing The Another Birthday Song.

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Comic Book Noise 139: Black Summer 7

I am joined by Damian Smith and Brian Matus from the Kryptographik podcast for the last episode in our look at Avatar Press’s Black Summer by Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp.

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