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DC Noise Episode 31: Watchmen Movie, Faces of Evil and March 2009 Previews

Mike and Eric have watched the Watchmen (sorry for that stupid overused line there folks) and tell you about it with full spoilers for
the movie and the comic books. Spoilers begin basically from the top of the show and go up to 00:13:15

The rest of the lineup is as follows:
Our Top 5 list of Trades, Collected Editions and/or Story Arcs – 00:16:45 to 00:33:18
Darkstars #26 – 00:33:40 to 00:41:24
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #121 – 00:41:24 to 00:44:25
Warlord #21 – 00:44:25 to 00:51:10
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke – 00:53:08 to 00:58:36
Faces of Evil: Kobra – 00:58:36 to 01:07:56

Finally, we go over the March 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in May.

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Geek Brunch Episode 81

The guys are joined by Manticore, aka Keith, as they drool all over Watchmen, talk GI Joe, and discuss some comic books. We just wish we could get our mind of Dr Manhattan’s blue manhood…

Image originally found at www.dccomics.com/sites/watchmen
Image originally found at www.dccomics.com/sites/watchmen

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Comic Book Noise Episode 160: Watchmen Movie Feedback

Host Derek Coward hasn’t seen the Watchmen movie yet, but that doesn’t stop him from talking about it. Luckily Alec makes some noise by calling into the audio comment line with a review. There’s also a bit of news at the end of the episode that will affect the entire Deliberate Noise Network.


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Indie Comic Book Noise 225: Angie Loves The Dark Knight

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela Paman talk about work stuff, movies, comic books, television shows, basic cable channels and other stuff in the first episode recorded live on Ustream.tv.

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DC Noise Episode 11: Trinity 11 and 12

This episode features reviews of Trinity #11 from the top of the show to 17:36, Trinity #12 from 17:38 to 34:00. This is followed by some brief discussion of the Milestone Universe and the upcoming return of these characters to the DC Universe. Then we come back with our review of Hawkman Special #1 from 35:27 to 53:50. And the show is rounded up with some talk about some of the WB’s plans for the future of DC Comics related movies as well as the developing problems between Fox and WB regarding the Watchmen movie.

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