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Comic Book Podcast Show – 1/18/2009 to 1/24/2009

The debut episode featuring clips from comic book podcasts such as:
GI Joe Reviews
Comic Geek Speak
The Mangacast (by EdChav)
Geek Nights Wednesdays
Related Recap (Oops, it was Jesus HATES Zombies)
Graphic Detail
Funnybook Babylon
Comic News Podcast (Geek Radio is the website of a technology podcast)
Waiting For The Trade.

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Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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Comic Book Noise 155: The Best of 2008, Part Two

Host Derek Coward finishes his look at the best of 2008 by talking about the titles that he has heard good things about but has never checked out yet, best miniseries that didn’t finish in 2008, best #1 comics of 2008 and the best graphic novels.

Related links (*-Amazon link, so help a brother out):
* Rasl Volume 1: The Drift
The Boy Who Made Silence
* House of Mystery
* Young Liars
* Captain Britain and MI:13
* Tangent: Superman’s Reign
The Infinite Horizon
Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips
* The Twelve
* Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
* Madame Xanadu #1
Comic Book Comics
* Locke & Key
* Man With No Name
* Queen and Country Definitive Edition
* Noble Causes Archives
* The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer
* Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician

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Comic Book Noise 135: Stupid Dog

I spend some time with my stupid dog and talk about FriendFeed, gang warfare, Steve Isaacs and the best way to read certain comics books.

Download Here

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Indie Comic Book Noise 209: Drink Up

No Bruce
Turning on TV
thecomicaddiction.com woes
Unemployment Stories
The Dark Knight review
Hancock review
Tribute to Geek Brunch
Is podcasting failing?
Watching cartoons with the kids
America’s Most Top Model
Comic book talk
Watchmen trailer talk
Movies wrap up
The Worst Comic Book Derek Ever Read
American Flagg!
Fuzzy Typewriter
No skits
iPod Touch

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‘Watchmen’ movie news

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is trying to stop production of the Watchmen movie claiming that they own the rights to make the movie. I still say this movie won’t get made.

I understand the impulse to make every good (and not so good) comic book/superhero property into a major motion picture, television show or animated series. You don’t have to work as hard to get that first weekend audience. You are pretty much guaranteed a nice return on the Special Edition DVD when it comes out. The people who sold the license in the first place get checks for minimal work (which is always a good thing). And most importantly, all of the heavy lifting is done, the story is written, the visual concepts are in place, just the mere mention of an update gets the comic book bloggers in a lather more than any PR junket.

However, guess what? Not every good (and not so good) comic book/superhero property NEEDS to be made into a major motion picture, television show or animated series. Has the world been in a frenzy for a Watchmen movie? Or a Preacher HBO series? Or another X-Men animated series? (Although to be fair, Wolverine and the X-Men is apparently further along in the process than the other two.)

I don’t think so. The last superhero/comic book movie that I was truly excited to see was Sin City. Hmmm, that was a good movie, so maybe I’m not really strengthening my argument. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I still don’t think that Watchmen will be made.


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